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  • From: Greg Welch
  • Re: Contract I
  • Sat., 02.10.2001
    I have finished reviewing all of the contracts.

    Overall I would say your contract is quite good, in fact one of the best in terms of content, structure, and appearance. Your diagrams are great, your paragraph/prose structure is readable (nicely linked to diagram areas), etc. I recognize and appreciate your hard work, and hope the document contributes to the success of the project.

    A few minor comments. Regarding the network component (e.g., section 4.4) it is not clear to me from the context laid out in the intro etc. where and *why* the network comes into play. Are the end users going to be distributed for example? Some of the users? Certain users? This could be clarified some.

    In section 5.1 you say "I won't mention it..." Two things: first this is a group/team doc so it should be "we." (minor). Second, you might go ahead and just *list* this in each section (even if repeated) and refer back to the first occurrence for the details. That way the item is not forgotten in any place where it is needed. This document is like a check list, and should be complete as such.

    I appreciate your thorough numbering in diagrams, however you might give some thought to using the alpha-numeric hierarchical scheme I used in my examples. The reason is that (for example) your "4.1 User Interface" in section 4.5 (?) is related to items in 5.1.1 that have different numbering schemes. In general, for each major area of functionality you would like some tag ("A" for example) that remains with ALL items related to that area, and is incorporated as such into all "children" (related) diagram block labels and section headings. What you can do in more detailed diagrams such as your 5.1.1 is to include dashed lines around regions of items that are all related to some major block in eth Context Model Diagram, and then label that dashed region w/ the tag and name (e.g., "A. User Interface").

    Your project milestones really need to be sharpened up. Please review my lecture slides on the topic and see what you can do. "Almost Done" is not something that objective people could agree on!

    Excellent piece of work guys! One of the best, if not the best in the class.


    Prof. Greg Welch
    COMP 145 Instructor, Spring 2001

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