Meeting Minutes
B a c k 
  • Meeting with Group
  • Feb. 20, 2001
  • 4:45pm-6:15pm
  • Sitterson Lobby
  • All members except Sam (out of country) present
  • Yeah! We start coding this week!
  • Convensions:
    • Buttons on bottom of the screen
    • Header at the top
    • If we get a chance, Karen wants tool tips
    • Don't use underscores in filenames
    • Function names should start in caps
    • Variables should start in lower case, every other word upper case
  • We should have a file with variables.
    • This file should be parsed to see where we are (for resume/modify)
    • Sean will write a Parser/Reader function for this file
  • Template should be saved as a .doc
  • Folders:
    • WIP - works in progress
    • Archive - hat exactly is this? We need to ask Dick
    • Finished
  • Files will be transfered after each step at Dick's request
  • We will NOT have a copy feature that allows users to copy and change a finished lesson. As a group we decided this would be too hard.
  • Should we add a timestamp? This is a bonus feature
  • Because Sam is out of the country:
    • Jason will work on graphics alone
    • Sean will work on lyrics alone
B a c k