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  • Meeting with group
  • 3.20.2001
  • 4:45pm-6:15pm
  • Sitterson lab (030)
  • All members except Sam present
  • The group did not talk about much at this meeting but programmed instead
  • We met in the Sitterson lobby and continued to the lab
  • Brianne and Sean were attempting to find how to copy and save a file so the original would not be destroyed
    • A link was given:
      • Brianne sent out what she found in an email
  • Jason and Karen were working on saving the Word section
    • Jason found a web link:
  • End function needs to be added to all pages so we can quit properly. Brianne will do this
  • FLRC domain has been set up for us
  • Jason's ftp server is up and running for us to use
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