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  • Meeting with group (programming)
  • 4.3.2001
  • 3:00pm-6:00pm
  • Sitterson Lab (030)
  • Brianne, Jason and Karen present
  • We did not discuss much at this meeting
  • We programmed at seperate computers in the lab
  • Karen worked on finishing up Word portion
  • Karen worked on starting email scripting
  • Brianne corrected mistakes within the program from Jason's email:
    • 1. The navigational flow is a little strange in the admin menu. I don't think there should be a "back" button and a "next" button. Perhaps instead, once the admin person has typed the correct password, there can be a screen with only push buttons, no radio buttons. The first one reading "Change Password", second one reading "Change WIP Path", third reading "Change Finished Path", forth reading "Return to Main menu". On each sub-screen, instead of back and next, use cancel and done. Cancel should not update the variables, and Done should write them to the file.
    • 3. Should there be no "back" to the main menu from the Info page once the lesson has been named? This is a trap. The user can hit back, yet never be able to edit that lesson they were working on, without "resuming." Perhaps a better way, would be an alert box that tells them, once you leave, you can only "modify" here after.
    • 4. There is a problem in the field validation on the Graphics page. I can click the URL choice, and never enter a URL, and still Next works and the next screen pops up. Same with Browsing for a local file.
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