Meeting Minutes
B a c k 
  • Meeting with group
  • 4.10.2001
  • 3:30pm-6pm
  • Sitterson 030
  • Brianne, Karen and Jason present
  • This meeting was another programming meeting
  • Should the paths be hardcoded, left on server, local?
    • Jason said the paths should be local
      • Brianne and Karen didn't like this idea because if the path needs to be changed, it will have to be changed on all machines
    • Brianne and Karen said the paths should be on the server
      • Jason didn't like this idea because it would involve hard coding a path into the program
    • We decided we should only hardcode one of the paths (where it will be on the server). This minimizes hardcoding but allows changing WIP folder path.
  • We decided to only have two paths, AdminPath and WIPpath.
    • We had to go through the program line by line and change the original "Path" to the two new paths.
    • We added in the new variables in globals
  • Karen worked more on the email portion
  • Brianne worked on getting files to save in the new, correct places
    • This should now work fine
B a c k