Meeting Minutes
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  • Meeting with Dick
  • April 13th, 2001
  • 3:30pm-5pm
  • Dey 103
  • Only Jason and Sean present. (Easter Break)
    Product Demonstration Comments and Observations:
  • Main Menu.. good, but
    • After program is done, need to return to menu.
    • Have a quit button on the main menu?
    • Need a cancel button on the lesson naming screen.

  • Resume/Modify...
    • !!! BUG ALERT !!! Uses the wrong path to get variables for a lesson. This made the program behave strangely during our demonstration. I guess we overlooked that one important change of path Brianne and Karen. :-)
    • Need an alert to pick a choice on the modify screen. No default radio button choice. Instead, we could use push buttons and no next.

  • Word Portion...
    • Preferably a .html template, but not a major stopping point.
    • Including instructions in the template is OK.
    • Provide a field in the admin screen to change the template name.
    • !!! BUG ALERT !!! VB app crashes if the user clicks "open word" twice!!!!
    • Need an alert box for "Please save your changes before closing word... OK?" instead of just writing instructions on the screen before opening word.

  • Audio...
    • Sean will try to get the registration of the audio extraction library to work again.
    • Start programming or connecting the interfaces.

  • Email...
    • If email is too hard, we can omit it.
    • We tested it, and the UNC smtp server will accept any email sent to a UNC email account, from any location, even off campus outside of the campus network, even on dialup. COOL!
    • Send mail to (note FLRC underscore webmaster @ unc . edu) (an alias to some real person's account)
    • Mail is only to ALERT the webmaster that the lesson is done... ie. Special Instructions are not on this email. Maybe attached, or maybe just left as a text file in the IN folder with the files.

  • Scheduling
    • Stay in contact with Dick over the next few days. No need for Beta if it doesn't work. He will band away all we want, once the current errors have been fixed.
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