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Week Number 2

Action Items
Closed: Assigned roles to each member.
Residual: N/A
New: PRANAV needs to email Prof. Welch with roles, the PRANAV needs to email Prof. Welch about MS project, PRANAV needs to pick up copies of MS Project and the book, SAAKAIT/PRANAV need to work on the Preliminary Report, PRANAV needs to decided on weekly meeting times, KAL needs to schedule meeting time with the client, KAL needs to make name tags, work on the logo, TONY needs to start working on making the web-site and email Prof. Welch the URL to it.

Outstanding problems: Lot of them. Need to meet with the client see what his vision about the project. Right now there is just speculation what he wants.
Plans to address outstanding problems: After meeting with the client we need to decide on how to approach this project.

Hours worked for:
Saakait: Worked 1 hr, 1 hr so far.
Pranav: Worked 1 hr, 1 hr so far.
Kal: Worked 1 hr, 1 hr so far.
Tony: Worked 1 hr, 1 hr so far.
Jeff: Worked 1 hr, 1 hr so far.
Not many hours put in as less work to do right now, but this will improve as we get more into the project.

Milestones: (schedule status)
Accomplished: First team meeting (The KICK-OFF meeting)
Approaching (next week): Preliminary Report, Project Web I
Problems/slips and plans to address: none for now!!