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We would like to thank the following people for whom without, this project would have never been completed.

Dr.Gary Bishop our client who had faith in us and trusted our judgment by giving us freedom in creating this application.

Matt Brunk: The author of the redirection code for which our redirect code is modeled after. You can reach him at brunk@gorge.net

Torbin B Haagh : The author of the resizing code we used in this project. You can find some of his other work at Code Guru and
here is the link to his resizing code. http://www.codeguru.com/dialog/torbenResizeDialog.shtml , you can reach him at TBHaagh@hotmail.com

Howard Swinehart: The author of the dragging code and Binary Boy. Thousands of pictures, sounds and .mp3 music files are posted to Usenet newsgroups every day. Binary Boy quickly sifts through the unwanted subjects and downloads only the files matching your search criteria. This is a very cool program, it is shareware, so take it for a spin. http://www.binaryboy.com/

We want to thank the creators of Swish-e, the magic behind the indexing. Check out their web site and see what else this wonderful tool is used for.


The two sites Code Guru and Code Project have also been a huge help in the creation of this application. The examples and ideas found at these sites were a great
resource for us. Check these sites out for your programming questions and needs.

Most of all, without each member of this team, none of this would ever have happened. We all shared the same vision, learned from our mistakes and were able
to accomplish this through team work.