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This software is freeware. Please feel free to modify it. This software was designed and tested on Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000. We have no reason to believe that this software would have any problems running under Windows 9*. So, feel free to test it out on that platform. If you fix any problems please let us know so we can give you the credit for the modifications..

The Faster Find File Indexer has the following system requirements
Operating System: Windows NT4.0/Windows 2000
Memory: At least 128MB RAM (the indexing process is memory/CPU intensive)
CPU: At least 300Mhz PentiumII or higher
Disk Space: About 30MB (most of that is for the index)

We strongly recommend running the indexing tool during the night when you are not using your computer, as it is memory and CPU intensive.

We have a downloadable user manual for the Faster Find File Indexer, as well as the source code project and executable binary. We assume no responsibility
for any problems caused by this software. Use it at your own risk and feel free to make it better. Please send e-mail to anyone of the team members and our
client to let us know of any cool changes you made to the Faster Find File Indexer. Please read the official disclaimer and the GNU license.

Please read the README file before installing this software.

Check back often for updates !!

Project Source Files
modified swish-e source 542 KB Released: 5/8/2001
Faster Find File Indexer source 938 KB Released: 5/8/2001

self installing executable 1.70 MB Released: 5/8/2001 *Use this version if you have Visual Studio installed on your PC*
self installing executable 1.98 MB Released: 5/12/2001 *Use this version if you do not have Visual Studio installed on your PC*

User Manual and Readme files
pdf format
word document format

Enjoy !!
The Stellar Software Solutions Team ......Tony, Saakait, Jeff, Kal and Pranav

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