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Weekly meeting minutes
location: Sitterson
date: 2/2/01
time: 3:10PM

PDFs Maker
Contact now includes schedule.
Kal => logo => can be used on letter as letter heads and sent on emails.

Program Design: MFC's vs. Java => not to worry about portability.
Faster Find Breakdown => email Swish-e people to help out with lower level information. Swish-e => how to use code so that the GUI can be added. Low level: threads have to be used and files for each file type. Communicate with the interface.
Scheduling rough draft for Monday split up work: pranav and Kal do the scheduling. Saakiat, Tony and Jeff start the contract. Schedule should have => time to learn software including Swish-e indexing
At home: look for incremental search algorthms
MFCs If this can not be learnt then Visual Basic can be used for the GUI.
Weekly Action Items Look at Swish-E function calls No NMI research Look at Swish-e indexing implementation.