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Weekly meeting minutes
location: Good Fellas
date: 2/6/01
time 5:15PM

Contact 2
Work on format of contract.
Make Headers stand out

Schedule 2 The first one was a good start but has room for improvment, Wait for client meeting.
Test Cases Need to have for contract 2
Swish-e Swish-e is going to be the choice program used because it can handle PDFs better then swish++. BNF grammer would be good to determine what the legal strings going into Swish-e are. In Swish-e "and" is an ignored word therefore it can be used as a boolean expression. No exclusion should be used as a boolean expression.
Resource Allocation Good Idea to ask other people about MFC's Tony and Pranav to work on the GUI (Pranav => communication between the GUI and the search tool). Kal, Jeff and Saakait to work on the search tool. => A module with functions
GUI Did not like up and down on stub program. Stay with file indexing and not word.
E-mail feature Could take more time then the time we have. Would have to re-write swish-e to index mail on the server. Would it fit in to the program? Should it be another app seperate from Faster File indexer.
User Manual Events, MFCs, GUI To help with the Manual, There must be GOOD documentation. Have a standard for documentation. Runtime does not have to be included in code.
NOTES Sending strings with the file formats listed would be the best way to send the search tool the info on what formats to index.
Action Items Kal=>Look at MP3 tags and schedule another meeting with the client. COntact 2 needs to be started. Have next meeting infront of board so ideas can be drawn.