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Weekly meeting minutes
location: Sitterson
date: 2/15/01
time 2:05PM

Swish - e
Advantages - More up-to-date, has some filters for PDF, DOCs, etc, Works with Visual Studio.
Disadvantages - It is in c => all structural, has to use one long command line, might be allot 
more work.  Might not be able to do wild card searches.

Swish++ Advantages - Written in C++, has wild card searches eg *.exe, code looks good, gives words around the word found. Disadvantages - Not in Visual Studio => would have to use minGW, Uncertain if filters exist.
Wildcard search very important so if swish-e does not have it then it should not be used.

GUI => if IPC is used (message passing)
SearchTool (param) While (GUI - running) { read messages() parse message() system(search, param) Open datafile Parse the data Send message back to GUI } When GUI has data -> close search tool
GUI => Threads are used
SearchTool(GUI, param) If (2 letters) create a data structure of the results -> array of pointers, etc System(GUI, param, file) Open file Parse data Update GUI Thread Dies