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Weekly meeting minutes
location: Sitterson
date: 2/20/01
time 4:45PM

Are the hours worked right?  Do not cut short the hours worked.
"Bill them for every minute"

Breaking the project down Come up with protocols for the communication. Communication is between the modules.
GUI -> Search Tool -> Index Tool
Existing Files Can use % to determine if the indexer is needed again. % of files not found of whole set.
Indexing Write attrib to screen using display function. Need to index using file name. Would have to hack swish so that wildcard indexing can be done.
Installation Installation should index. Should index the default.
GUI Should have check boxes for file types Can add to the custom menu using files, file types and sub-directories.
Index Tool Parameters should include: String indexfilename and String indexname
Config files Can be created by the GUI Can store the file types and filters used Can store the custom features and can be loaded every time the GUI is used.
Command lines system("index -i" + Stufftoindex +"_fo"+ fileofwholeindex); Need to specify filters. Using config files would make it: swish-e config file
Swish-E vs. Swish++ Three things that have to be looked at: 1. Min-GW and VIDE 2. Config files of Swish-E 3. Wildcard indexing
Things to look at Swish-E searching and indexing Come up with our own sheets of the features. Need to sort out the matter of Swish-E soon.