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Weekly meeting minutes
location: Sitterson
date: 3/01/01
time 2:45PM

Things to Do
Kal=> Put ALL minutes on the website from every meeting

Presentation Jeff => demo of prototype Saakait => Tech Issues Pranav => Schedule Status Jeff & Kal => Manual Tony & Pranav=> Prototype
Prototype Use MFC's => By March 8th to be on track Does not have to resize Basic prototype using MFCs
Low level Must find out about word document filters. - Could parse through word document and filter out long words Iron out low level details real soon
Custom Indexing Do other basic tabs first then start on custom menu. Look at contract to see what it says about custom menu's
Indexing Should searching be done while indexing? - A box that asks the user to wait while indexing is being done. - The user can not search a index that is being created. When will the GUI know when indexing is finished? - Boolean can be used (Change some Swish-E code)
CVS Needed for shared files so that it is known who is working on what.