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Weekly meeting minutes
Members present: Saakait Mathur, Pranav Patel, Kalpesh Patel, Anthony DeLuca and Jefferson Smith

If the search tool is finished by the deadline then the schedule is fine.

GUI Start working on the threads The scheduler can either be a varible meaning that the software has to be active all the time. The other solution is to use the windows task scheduler. Get list boxes done. Drop and drag => Is already default
Focus Have to focus on the searching first. Get that finished first.
HTML View Have problem with the resizing of the HTML View If this can not be worked out then GUI size can be static Do research on this and ask for outside help.
CVS Need to get CVS space since now large amounts of coding is going on at the same time. Pranav is going to a storage place for now until the CVS can be set up.
Division of Work GUI look => Tony list boxes => Pranav Resize of HTML View research => Kal Threads => Jeff Search Tool => Saakait
Things to Schedule Meeting with Bishop Meeting with Walsh