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Weekly meeting minutes
Members present: Saakait Mathur, Pranav Patel, Kalpesh Patel, Anthony DeLuca and Jefferson Smith

Meeting with Bishop tomorrow at 1:15PM
GUI => Look
=> Changes
Custom Indexing => put on back burner
Finding location of Word in Documents
Active X control => Stay Static because of resize

GUI Output Info is processed by GUI
Swish-E Sends info to the GUI
Scheduling While the program is running, scheduling is done. Not using windows scheduling
Filters Booleans pick the filters
Indexing Pop up windows, thread in background. When the threads kills itself, then the indexing is complete. Leave 20 seconds before indexing starts. Create indexing class for the GUI.
Index Creation Creates an index.bak then after the index is finished the index.bak is copied over the Original index fail.
Extras HTML help systems Don't think about extra features Figure out function calls