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Weekly meeting minutes
Members present: Saakait Mathur, Pranav Patel, Kalpesh Patel, Anthony DeLuca and Jefferson Smith

Command Line
Use of commandline for indexing and searching
Can be used for scheduling

Indexing Should the indexing tool go through the directory and find out which files need to be updated? Updates 4 indexes at a time. Can not be multi-treaded because it would use up too much memory.
Research Must research filters for *.pdf and *.docs
Installing Could use install shell but that means that it is a new thing that has to be learnt. Could use an MFC app to install the software. Could Use Batch files.
Status bar The total number of files indexed comes from the indexing tool and the total number of hits comes from the search tool.
Intergrating the search tool and GUI Put everything into the GUI project folder. Every part has to be there. Work in groups on different tasks.
Credits Must include credits to swish-e. Can have information on a html page that can be called from the app.
Schedule On track but mile stone coming up which is the user manual.
Contract Need to look at contract and look at the goals. There is about 1.5 weeks left to complete project.
Testing Come up with test cases.