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Weekly meeting minutes
Members present: Saakait Mathur, Pranav Patel, Kalpesh Patel, Anthony DeLuca and Jefferson Smith

If population takes too long then it can be threaded.
The GUI can populate.
Resizing of active x window under progress, resize works but needs to be
repositioned after resize.
Search tool tab is pretty much done just a few minor details.
Down click half way there.
Drag and drop in the works
Sort of works:
single click, double click and set focus
progress bar =. Possible to make a solid line
highlight bar => if possible
scheduling index => system time stat => store values

Search Tool Needs to be threaded Search after 2 chars and give the opition to the user to search on click too. Index search work for either pdf, doc or txt and htm. Problems with putting them together. Could try and merge the indexs together. Plan B: Use radio buttons Can use disable to set file types to index Could index doc and pdf together.
Indexing Basic problem => spaces Search for NMake for Doc2txt xpdf source on the web. Would have to use argc and argv to concat the arguments. Could use ALT+255 (Space in dos) check config.h
Drive letters Static or Dynamic Running out of time so could go with static
Drag and Drop Need to be implemented on the output window.
Things to start User manual needs to be started next week.
Bad files Set Index schedule when percentage of files indexed that are bad is high. Don't show files not found in index.