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Weekly meeting minutes
Members present: Saakait Mathur, Pranav Patel, Kalpesh Patel, Anthony DeLuca and Jefferson Smith

windows work for word docs
might take arrows out.
drag and drop works for apps
=>double click picks up single clicks => could time the clicks
=> would get rid of jerkyness
GUI pretty much done just some minor details
progress bar uses log
check boxs for all indexes work
timer tab => needs stored time data structure
GUI can also search code now

Search Tool muliple docs can be searched now Can now search cpp, h, cc, c and java files now can search on filename too
Indexing Basic problem => spaces Spacing problem solved Finds all physical partitions and creates config file for them indexes code too
Things to do intergrate indexer and GUI Finish up commenting message box to show that the software is indexing
Website looks fine, may include a links page and a credit page
User Install Could use WISE installer to make the package nice and easy to install
Documents Team Report => Everyone User Manual => Kal & Jeff Implementation Manual => Saakait