April 10, 2001 Minutes

Start Time: 3:30 PM
End Time: 4:40 PM
Location: Sitterson 1st floor lounge
Attendees: Bill, Melissa, Scott, Jill, Heather

Meeting opens

All give time worked

Help Session and Coding
- in Publisher
- helpsession.pub

DB Testing
- give client questions and answers to client for his review
- change class field to text

ASP Coding
- Clearing tempans, possibly cast and cast back
- Possibly have the administrator to clear the tempans table
- vote Thursday
- Batch job
- Session Parameters

- Seperate Tables
- Web interface for admin tools, phase III

Implementation/User Manuals
- Put off till next meeting

- Look at
- Send email to Bill by Thursday

Color Scheme vote

Bill to send client email

Help Session
- General Introduction to MT

End Meeting