April 17, 2001 Minutes

Start Time: 4:15 PM
End Time: 5:20 PM
Location: Sitterson Lobby
Attendees: Bill, Melissa, Scott, Jill, Heather

Open Meeting

Presentation at 4:15 on Thursday, 4/26

All give hours

1. ASP: Bill emailed client about registration
2. Testing DB relationships: Melissa, place date in tempans field
3. Help session: Move to next week
4. User Manual: add screen shots
5. Login: still in progress
6. Accents issue: Resolution, place extra instructions for accents
, add information in the implementation manual about possible
ways to implement accent insensitive testing
7. Implementation Manual: due May 24th, Bill to accomplish
8. User Manual: due May 24th, Melissa and Jill to accomplish

1. ASP: Heather and Scott to accomplish by April 20th
2. Login: Confirmation page, discussion about writing login,
- Input Login, display results, and allow for an update
- Need to complete to give cookie info to Heather and Scott
Team Report:
Due May 10th, Scott to accomplish

Delivery of product: Bill to accomplish by May 10

Talk about presentation on Tuesday

Close Meeting