April 24, 2001 Minutes

Start Time: 4:45 PM
End Time: 7:30 PM
Location: Sitterson first floor lounge
Attendees: Bill, Melissa, Scott, Jill, Heather

Meeting opens

TGO and schedule passed out

All give Melissa hours worked

Action items
- User Manual - need to add screen shots - mention glossary

Implementation Manual
- Maintenance Issues - books
- Design Issues - DB explaination (Updates and everything)
- Appendix for Maintenance Section in Implementation manual
- Three Sections for maintenance section in implmentation manual
-- Server Requirements - Bill
-- Leson - Heather, Scott
-- DB - Jill, Melissa
-- All due to bill by Friday
- Bill is to fix the diagrams or omit them
-- change history for diagrams in implementation manual

Username is Administrator, Password given
- IIS to stop Services

Team Report - Scott to write out

All go over Team Report and brainstorm