February 13, 2001 Minutes

Start Time: 4:40 PM
End Time: 6:25 PM
Location: Sitterson Lobby
Attendees: Bill, Melissa, Scott, Jill, Heather

Meeting begins

All: give Melissa hours worked the past week

Bill: had meeting with client today
- Client wants the exercises to remain the same
- Client wants one question on each page for tests
- Talks about MS Access
- No more imbedded exercises in the tutorials
- Want to be able to go to the tutorial when doing exercises
- Accents are important

Database Design: Melissa and Jill
- Admin person handled seperately
- Courses
- Grade
- - Date/Time stamps
- Feddback is the entity which says "good job" or "try again"
- Special help screen for "Help"
- Population
- - Client wants us to populate with MT
- Course ID will be for the specific semester

Action Item Updates: - Jill emailed client and Boss
- Heather comleted contract two section five
- Books are in and delivered

- DB population : transferring from MT to Access

Web Layout and Flow: Heather and Scott
- All move up to server
- Pretest
- - Should the user be able to exit pre-test before finished?
- Tutorial
- - How to flow?
- Decision for layout delayed
- Things we like
- - Menu bar
- - Might want a horizontal menu bar

Authentication Process:
- TA adds/removes students
- Certain fields are private in MA Access
- When disconnects happen, save state of progress

Client Concerns:
- Tutorials
- - Want page under construction

- Next team meeting is on Feb 15, 2001 in Sitterson at 4:00 PM
- Bring money for pizza