February 19, 2001 Minutes

Start Time: 3:30 PM
End Time: 5:00 PM
Location: Sitterson Lobby
Attendees: Client, Bill, Melissa, Scott, Jill, Heather

Meeting opened by giving a demonstration of what MT may look like
to Professor Dominguez.

Discussed below are the client thoughts about what we have done
and what we should change

When in pre-test, want to be able to navigate out at any time

Imediately following the pre-test, go into the lesson

No university affiliation
- Want MT to be universal

Want the screens to be different so students will be able to tell them apart

If students exit in the middle of a test, erase all data from that test

Give students an indication of how many questions are left in a test
- For example 1 out of 10

Menu bar must be viewed on page at all time

If students score less than 50% on tests, suggest that they do the tutorial

Database must be open-ended

A post-test can bring up missed questions from the pre-test

Call tutorial page the index

Have a blank button for the Midterm/Final exams

Records are done by semester and then wiped clean

Send TA a copy of student record at the end of semester

TA should be able to view record of student for up to one year after semester

Want exercises in the tutorial section

Want a white background

Have a button for sound in the exercises

Have an accents bar