Project Kick-off Meeting

Goal of Project
The goal is to create a web based application similar to Spanish MicroTutor to enable students to access the tutor from any location.  
Essential Product Features
1.  Use existing exercises and tests in MicroTutor
2.  Enable the program to capture the test results for future consideration and scoring
3.  Be able to add to the database
4.  Record time spent on MicroTutor
5.  Abolish the need for student diskets
6.  Use all current MicroTutor examples
7.  Create midterm and final exams based on material covered by student in tutorials
Non-essential product features
1.  Color code the tutorial session
2.  Enable audio for tutoring
Other Comments
1.  Use Access or Oracle for database management
2.  Current Database is PC Pilot or Pascal
Team Assignments
Melissa Chadburn:  Complete preliminary report with Bill by 1/25/2001

Bill Safcik:  Get a copy of existing MicroTutor software by 1/23/2001

Scott Phillips:  Post future meetings on website.  Inform team by email of new policy by 1/21/2001.  Update minutes by 1/21/2001.  Reserve Room in Dey Hall for meeting on 1/26/2001

Jill Struble:  Email Professor Welch and Professor Dominguez about the website

Heather Morgan:  Check with Professor Welch about a laptop computer 
Future Team Meetings
Weekly team meetings will be held on Tuesdays in Sitterson Hall Lobby at 5:00 PM. 

No meeting March 20th.  Alternate meeting TBA.

Meting with Professor Dominguez on Friday the 26th at 3:00 PM in Dey 107.