Minutes:  1/23/2001

Attendees: Bill, Melissa, Scott, Jill, Heather

Location: Sitterson 014

Start Time: 4:45 PM

End Time: 6:00 PM


What about developing a program that we can log our time on?

            Possibly a web based application.

Group Decision:  Give Melissa logged hours at team meeting.

10 min: All go through hours worked on project.

Melissa: 6hrs

Jill: 3hrs

Heather: 3hrs

Scott: 5hrs

Bill: 6hrs

Jill: Did everyone get the test email from the website?  YES
Item: Bi-weekly meeting with client.

            Melissa suggests Wed.

            Decision: Talk about it with client on Friday

Agenda discussion


Draft Report: Melissa facilitate

            Everyone sign draft after discussion

  1. Project goal
  2. 2 Features (registration process, lessons, glossary, grading capture, timing, etc.)

Jill: Ranking system might be flawed

All: Discuss feature ranking system. Change the rankings. Updated in preliminary report

Bill: Can we get a remote access DBA tool?

All: Discuss admin. Of the DB. How will Span. Dept. update the DB? Access or web? Decide later when tech specs better known.

Decision fro rankings:


From 1(required) to 10(fantasy)


Feature                         Rank

2                            2

Tutorial                   2

2                                                        1

3                                                        5

4                                                        3

5                                                        3

6                                                        7

7                                                        1

8                                                        10

9                                                        1

10                                                    8

Update DB(init pop) 1

11                                                    4


  1. Package options

Plan A: Discuss phases 1,2,3

            Adjust schedule to agree with features

            Heather: Do phases by time

            Features of rank 1 and 2 are phase 1

            Phase 2(3,4,5) and phase 3(6-10) are optional

Plan B: Discussion is similar and changes are noted in Prelim Report

Time: 5:40


Bill Facilitate


Interface: Admin and Users

Critical Path Items

            Different Plans

Things to procure

1.      Server

2.      Various training mauals


Things to learn for all: ASP, MS Access

Database and ASP people


Action Items:

Bill: Email Prof. Welch and Prof. Dominguez about acquisitions, test MicroTutor

Melissa: Email a copy of PR by midnight tonight, write weekly report by tonight

Jill: Post PR by Wed. night, get a copy of the code

Heather: Create TGO for 1/26 meeting

Scott: Post minutes on website by midnight



Heather: Email Prof. Welch  Reply: No

Bill: Obtained software, completed PR w/ Melissa

Scott: Completed previous action items

Jill: Completed previous action items

Melissa: Completed PR with Bill