March 29, 2001 Minutes

Start Time: 3:30 PM
End Time: 4:20 PM
Location: Sitterson Lobby
Attendees: Bill, Melissa, Scott, Jill, Heather

Meeting opens

TGO and schedule passed out

All give Melissa hours worked

Action Items
- User Manual
- We have the server (same computer as before in SN 142)
- DB populated with first leson

- handles students and instructors

Design and Implementation vote on Tuesday, April 3

In DB, the MS Word code must be fished out for clarification

Topics discussed
- ASP- complete lesson 1 by April 3
- Help- complete soon
- Login/out- complete soon

Next team meeting Tuesday, April 3

Next Client meeting Monday at 3:30 in Dey 107
- Delivery at end of semester
- Progress

Data Entry Forms
- phase 3

SQL Server is on Machine

Meeting adjourned