User/Maintenance Manual I

Due: no later than March 8, 2001

Revised: Saturday, February 24, 2001

An annotated outline of your "most read" document


For most teams it makes sense to produce a User Manual. For some teams there are no end users per se, but the system will need to be maintained so you will write a Maintenance Manual. What "makes sense" would be defined by what would be of most value to your client. This document will be the most read document you produce.

I am looking for a first pass at the complete document, with "stubs" for most of the content. By stubs I mean that it should contain your best guess at the actual section headings, and then some brief editorial prose describing what will eventually appear in that section. In a sense, an annotated outline of the complete document.

You should not need to delve deeper than (say) two levels of section hierarchy.

For your sake, the more complete the better. It will be virtually impossible for me to give you feedback after the final due date. I am happy to look at further revisions between now and then.

Notes on your target audience:

You do not need your Client's signature on either document.

Example User Manual Outline

Example Maintenance Manual Outline