Project Candidates

After you have reviewed the entire list, follow these instructions to convey your project preferences.

  1. "Everything 2 Everything" Metadata Conversion (more info)
  2. Color-Code Editor (more info)
  3. nanoIndex (more info)
  4. Monitor and Map Vegetation Dynamics (more info)
  5. MIDAS: Medicam Image Display and Analysis System (more info)
  6. Flood Warning System (more info)
  7. National Digital Mammography Archive Tool (more info)
  8. Computer Simulator w/ GUI (more info)
  9. Help System (more info)
  10. Oral Text Learning (more info)
  11. FasterFind File Indexing (more info)
  12. 3D Widget for inTouch (more info)
  13. On-Line Document Server (more info)
  14. Pedestrian and Bicycle Crash Analysis Tool (more info)
  15. Spanish MicroTutor (more info)
  16. Psychometric Analysis Software (more info)
  17. Front-End for Speech Synthesis Engine (more info)
  18. Java-Based Kalman filter Learning Tool (more info)