4. Monitor and Map Vegetation Dynamics

Prof. Aaron Moody (aaronm@email.unc.edu, 962-5303)


Two possibilities:

  1. Develop a system that can graphically and quantitatively track the spectral trajectories of individual pixels (or groups of pixels) through time to monitor and map vegetation dynamics (in part as driven by climate variability) as well as land-cover changes, such as deforestation, urbanization, burning, etc.
  2. Automatic extraction of outer envelopes of pixel distributions in multidimensional (usually 2-D) space. These envelope features are strongly related to surface characteristics such as temperature, moisture, and energy flux, and can also be used to track surface conditions over time. It is valuable to extract these envelope features and their parameters and quantify and display how they are changing through time in response to climate forcing, vegetation state, irrigation, etc.

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