7. National Digital Mammography Archive Tool

Yuanshui Zheng (yzheng@med.unc.edu, 966-8545)


Create a web-based medical image viewing and annotation tool which will be used as the tele-education component of the National Digital Mammography Archive Project as well as supporting the research data base in the Breast Imaging Laboratory at UNC.

The project is composed of three parts:

i) retrieving data from a centralized database according to certain search criteria;
ii) displaying high quality images with functions of zoom, intensity adjustment, etc;
iii) providing common annotation tools for radiologists.

This system will be used to annotate cases for radiologists at Univ. of Chicago, Univ. of Pennsylvania, Univ. of Toronto and UNC initially. The annotated cases will be used for teaching/training/testing at the above schools. The system may be used nationally if it works well for the above institutes.

Implementation Notes

The application should be web-based so that it can be accessed by radiologist all over the country using a web browser.

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