12. 3D Widget for inTouch

Prof. Ming C. Lin (lin@cs.unc.edu, 962-1974)


Develop 3D widget for inTouch, a touch-enabled system for Multiresolution Modeling and 3D Painting.

This project will require a team of 2-4 students to develop a 3D widget (a 3D graphical user interface for selection of options) for "inTouch", a Multiresolution Modeling and 3D Painting with a haptic interface.

If time allows, the students would also be asked to implement additional features to the modeling system, such as simple physically-based deformation, creation of creases using subdivision surfaces, etc. Some sample code with 2D mouse & keyboard interface is available. But, the students will be expected to convert it to use haptic interface for making the modeling process more intuitive and physically-based.

Implementation Notes

Skills needed: Graphics Programming, at least COMP136 but preferrably COMP236. Familiarity with haptics would be a big plus, but not required.

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