16. Psychometric Analysis Software

Prof. David Hissen (dthissen@email.unc.edu, 962-5036)


Modern educational and psychological testing uses a body of techniques somewhat pompously called "item response theory" (IRT) to examine the performance of individual questions and to assemble complete tests. The technology of IRT is now used, for example, to assemble and score on-the-fly such tests as the Graduate Record Examination (GRE).

Analyses and computations using IRT are based on relatively simple nonlinear equations, or equivalently graphical displays. The equations or (usually, more clearly) the graphs summarize properties of the test questions such as their difficulty and the chance that they can be guessed correctly. These properties are considered by professionals analyzing data from item tryouts, and those involved in the assembly of new forms for large-scale tests.

There are three possible projects:

  1. Re-creating a popular program called Plotlog
  2. A GUI'd version of a program called Summed Scorer
  3. Sofware to develop Mosaic Plots

See the link below for more details.

Implementation Notes

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