Virtual Amusement Park

Each row of the table below represents the work of one author, a student or auditor of COMP 239. The models were created using AC3D and then exported to VRML 1.0 files. (AC3D is currently available locally for SGI and Sun4 machines in ~welch/comp239/ac3d/.)

You can do the following below:

If you are interested in obtaining the original AC3D model, you should contact the individual authors. If there is enough interest, I might also be able to make them available here.


Thumbnail & VRML 1.0

 Voicu Popescu


 Renee Maheshwari

Merry Go-Round

[Merry Go-Round]

Kenneth Hoff

[Crazy Chair Ride]



Sarah's Bear

[Sarah's Bear]

 Manuel Menezes Oliveira



 Junghyun Park

[Spin Cups]

 Amol Pattekar

[Giant Wheel]

 Kyle Wilson

[Roller Coaster]

 David McAllister


[Wild Mouse Roller Coaster]

 Thomas Hudson


[UNC Bell Tower]

[UNC Old Well]

 Michael North


 Bruce Thomas


[Oval Coaster]

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