Welch Family History

Below you will find links to the current version of the family history movie (from Sharon's great slides and narrative), as well as links to digital versions (scans) of the slides. I continue to update the movie, correcting errors, etc. If you notice errors, or have suggestions, send me email.

We will be putting the movie and slides on DVD. Sharon will tell people at the reunion.


I converted the movie into several different sizes (hence different download times) and formats. I'm hoping one will work for you. I have made QuickTime, Windows WMV, and MPEG versions. In each case I list the movies in order of decreasing size. Try and play the biggest one you can download---it will be the best quality.


These are the best quality, but you will need Apple's QuickTime on your computer to play these. You might already have it installed, but if not just download it from here and follow the installation instructions. If you don't want to do that, try the WMV or MPEG files below.

Movies with "progressive" after them will play while they are loading, so you might be able to watch it while it's loading (if your connection is fast enough).

Windows WMV

I made a few Windows WMV version too. You might be able to play these without downloading and/or installing anything. These will not be as nice quality as the QuickTime ones above.


Click here to see all of the source images/slides. I have 1200 dpi (dots per inch) scans of the slides if you want them, i.e. I have higher resolution versions.


Here are the documents that Sharon Callaghan provided to me for use in making the movie.

Greg Welch (welch@cs.unc.edu)