Now I've done it. 

Beach Chassis #104 has been found and I bought it. 
See Beach History Page for more photos and the history as we find out where the car has been since the mid-1970s.

To More than You Want to Know about the restoration effort.

Beach Chassis # 104
July 10, 2004 after 20+ years in storage.


Mary Whitton and Lynn Alexander
VIR Gold Cup June 2004

Mary Whitton with Nick's Ferrari ~1989

Back in the car at VIR, 2001


11/20/04:  Disassembly and cleaning has begun on the Beach Sports Racer.  
The rear body panel is the green piece to the left with "38" on it..  
Black plastic bag (center) over the exhaust stacks and air intakes.
The seat we took out is the curved piece of aluminum left of the rear wheel.
The red car on the right is a 1966 Porsche 912.


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