Classic Computers

If you are interested in this stuff, check out the mailing list.

Hey, I blinked, and everything seems to have moved.
Looks like the "classiccmp" mailing list has been split into two new lists; one moderated ("cctalk") and the other not ("cctech").

Help prevent the needless destruction of rare old machines. Volunteers are willing to provide a good home for that relic. Or volunteer yourself, for the Classic Computer Rescue Squad! You may get a call to help move some poor old mainframe, or you may get unexpected donations. (Or, like me, you may get nothing. Que sera, sera.)

Need help firing up some rare old box? This is one place to look. I maintain moderately lame web pages for

Got stuff to get rid of? Waiting to treasure another man's trash? Or visa-versa? Here's my little corner of the flea-market:

Finally, here are some links that I like.

Bill Yakowenko,,     31-Jul-98