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If you would like to be added to this list, feel free to e-mail me at (remove all x's) Here is a sample of what you might include in your entry.

Note that I rarely get time to update this list anymore; it happens only once every several months. But I _do_ eventually get around to it, so go ahead and keep sending your entries...

Thanks to I.N. Davis for initially creating this list.

If this list does not have a member near you, you may want to check out Brian Mahoney's Collector's Corner.

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David Findlay
Email: (remove all g's)
I am living at Redcliffe, just north of Brisbane, Australia, QLD. Can pick up reasonable size gear from anywhere in South East Queensland. Mainly interested in learning about how computers work, especially older micros and minis.
Current as of: 16-May-2001

Gary Fairlie (remove all t's)
Phone number 61 412 688 883 (int) or 0412 688883 (in Oz)
Australia, Victoria
Computers of interest : Mini computers, old servers
Geographical area covered Australia
Transport and storage capabilities capable of storing within reason.
Current as of: 15-Mar-2002

Phil Guerney
Email: (remove all q's)
Ph: 07 3378 9756
Brisbane, Western Suburbs
I collect small home computers up to 1985, the smaller the better! I like to include disk systems and all accessories except printers (but even those when brand and style match the computer) especially for the under-powered home machines. Software and hardware that attempted to make such systems useable in business and other serious applications, including scientific applications, is especially fascinating. Over 80 items in the collection so far, which means that space is limited and much common stuff is accounted for. But I am particularly after early single board computer systems (those with just a keypad, like the KIM-1) and the Exidy Sorcerer. If you want your system to go to a good home, to be restored and kept well for the future, contact me.
Current as of: 17-May-2002

Andrew Harvey
E-mail address : (remove all z's)
Computers of interest DEC (PDP-11), apple (pre Mac), amiga. Currently looking for PDP-11 (preferably Webster's OEM RT-11 LSI 11/* systems)
Geographical area covered (Victoria)
Current as of: 9-Sep-2002

Ian Manners
email add: (remove all r's)
web page URL:
Ph: 03 98893600
Country: Australia
(Street address given on request)
Glen Iris, 3146
Interested in Digital Equipment Corp PDP's, PRO380, Rainbows (PC100, PC100A & B), DECMates. All parts/software/CPM & DOS.
Also ANY old IBM computers, PC, PC/XT and earlier.
Plenty of storage, can organise pickup anywhere in Australia.
Current as of: 27-Nov-2000

Address: 47 Martin Place Linden 2778 NSW
phone: 0246 531086
email: (remove all q's)
cell : 0418 203 533
I'm an OBGYN in Australia that rebuilds old machines. I've a number of pre-1980 machines but would revive any old machine (8080,z80, 6502,6809 etc). My hobby is old machines and the = UCSD p-machine, all versions.
I live in the Blue Mountains just outside Sydney Australia.
Current as of: 9-May-2000

Lance Lyon (remove all e's)
Tea Tree, TAS, Australia
Ph: +61-3-6268-0356
URL: (under construction)
My main interests are in Commodore 8 bit computers, as well as having a large collection, I also repair them & on-sell (or give-away) surplus items.
Also, I run a CBM 8 bit oriented BBS (fido 3:712/313) on +61-3-6268-0434.
Current as of: 2-Apr-1999

Hans Olminkhof
Sydney, Australia
Telephone (02) 9665 2335 (remove all d's)
While I only collect and save limited pre-1985 computers myself, I will be able to direct you to a good home for almost anything, including recent IBM compatibles to a voluntary charity recycling operation. If you want to keep and fix your machine I may be able to put you in contact with other owners or sources of parts in Sydney.
Current as of: 28-Feb-1999

Richard Quinn
Phone: 0418683430
Po Box 56 Branxton
N.S.W. 2335
My Email address is: (remove all y's)
I have recently left the corporate world to explore a career change in teaching in New South Wales. At great expense I have amassed a good collection of s100 and z80 era machines for students to study and desire to add to the collection. I am happy to pick up machines from just about anywhere in NSW and am not particular whether they run or not as getting them running again is part of the challenge. I only ask that they be from the 70s 80s era.
Current as of: 2-Nov-2002

Name: Lionel Theunissen
Email: (remove all y's)
Phone: 0419 380518
Country: Australia
Area: Brisbane and South East Queensland
Interested in computers and minicomputers pre-1982. Particularly PDP8 and PDP1 systems and peripherals, microprocessor development systems, single board computers, teleprinters, etc.
Current as of: 13-Jan-2007

Peter Tremewen (remove all Z's)
Mobile number 0418 996 927 (in Oz)
Australia, Victoria
Computers of interest : Personal computers (not IBMs), especially VZ200VZ300 and Apple II
I am intrested in Personal Non-IBM computers of all sorts particularly unique or unusual hardware, working or not. I am particularly keen to rescue VZ200/VZ300 and Apple II Parts and software of all sorts. Likewise I am after "Pre-personal" computers from before systems where comanly available. CPU trainers that were sold as "Kits" such as the Educ- 8 and the Dream 6800 and the like to show people programming and train on how systems worked and as intro to programming. If you need a good home for any system, let me know and I'll at least be able to store them until a better home is found. Software and especially books and documentation are not essential but certainly desirable.
P.O. box 666 Heathmont, Victoria 3135, Australia.
Geographical area covered: Australia, Victoria, mostly S.E. suburbs of Melbourne but will travel further to rescue the right computer.....
Current as of: 8-Jun-2003

Andrew Vincent (remove all k's)
0394791581 (w)
Melbourne, Australia
Interested in old IBM servers, Digital Equipment (including VAX, DECStations, Alphas and peripherals) and old SUN boxes.
Current as of: 13-Nov-2001

Vincent Murray
Eastern suburbs of Sydney
Phone +61 2 9385 2028 (remove all p's)
Web Page
I'm interested in personal computers made before 1988
Current as of: 11-Jun-1997

Adam Jenkins
Adelaide, South Australia
(08) 8277-0780 (remove all c's)
Mostly I am interseting in the micros, and mostly the home micros from the 70's and 80's - however I do branch out into the occasional workstation, Supermicro and mini system. At the moment, my two bigest sections are Apples and Commodores, but I also have Amstrads, a MicroVax II, a Honeywell, IBM XT, Sorceror and a couple of Ataris, not to mention some more obscure models. Collecting is heaps of fun. :)
Current as of: 11-Jun-1997


Roland E. Lipovits
E-mail address: (remove all d's)
Phone number: +43 (676) 645 18 73
Country: Austria
Real address: Mrzstrae 122/23, A-1150 Wien
Computers of interest: mainly DECs and Unix machines, but open for others too
Geographical area covered: Austria
Current as of: 8-Sep-2001


[Alberta] [British Columbia] [Ontario] [Quebec] [Sasaktoon]


Dex Mather (remove all s's)
Calgary, Alberta Canada
Intrest: I have intrests in Newer style computers mainly ealry Pentiums and 486's but have a tendancy to choose a 386 as a favorite sometimes. If a computer is going to be junked and you live in Calgary please email me. I live in the S.W. part of Calgary.
Current as of: 18-Oct-2001

British Columbia

Kevin McQuiggin
Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada
(604) 215-4705 (remove all d's)
Area: British Columbia, Washington
Interests: DEC machines, PDPs, VAXen, DEC peripherals, documentation, software. I am especially interested in any PDP 8 machine! I will pick up.
Current as of: 23-Aug-2000

Bruce Prior
Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada
(604) 437-4219 (remove all u's)
I'm particularly interested in Ohio Scientific C1P and variants, Altair 8800, MOS Technology KIM-1, Apple //, C64 and early Macintosh computers, and their manuals and reference books. I'm also looking for Assembler software, tutorials and manuals for any of these units.
At this time I have 17 computers, 16 of which are working, more or less. They are set up for display in a small workshop.
I will pick up computers and books within BC, Alberta and Washington state.
Current as of: 22-Dec-2003


Michael Dunn
Southern Ontario (Canada)
(519) 744-9395
mailto : (remove all k's)
I will take almost any machine or peripheral, but preferably NOT IBM PC stuff unless it's unusual. I will pay a nominal amount for items of interest. Calculators and electronic/scientific/audio/music equipment are also collected. Stuff from the 70s and earlier are of particular interest.
Current as of: 19-May-2000

Mike Kenzie (remove all e's)
Ottawa, Ontario
Personal computers, all makes.
Will pick up between North Bay and Ottawa.
Keeping computers out of the landfill and working.
Current as of: 8-Jun-2003

Robert Krten
E-mail address (remove all f's)
Web page URL
Phone number +1 613 599 8316
Ottawa/Ontario Canada
Computers of interest PDP1 -> 15
Geographical area covered Local for large systems, North America for mid-size, worldwide for smaller systems. Transport and storage capabilities I will pay for all transport charges as well as a nominal fee for the systems. Storage is not unlimited :-)
Current as of: 16-Jan-2003

Arlen Michaels
Ottawa, Ontario (remove all p's)
Special interests: micros from the 70's and early 80's, especially cp/m and S-100 systems
Current as of: 4-Apr-2002

Charlie Fox
Windsor Ontario, 793 Argyle Road, N8Y 3J8
(519)254-4991 (remove all z's)
While space is somewhat limited, I will provide a home for any computer equipment that is going to be junked.
Current as of: 11-Jun-1997

Greg A. Woods
e-mail: (remove all q's)
voice: +1 416 218-0098
location: Toronto, Ontario; Canada
I'm interested in anything by AT&T, DEC, Sun, or any other (especially rare) Unix systems. I can pick up whatever will fit in a 1/2-ton truck from anywhere in Southern Ontario. I'll pay shipping from most anywhere for components and small parts.
Current as of: 8-Jul-2001


Name:                      Rich Lafferty
Email address:    (remove all y's)
                           (nothing there yet, mind you)
Location:                  Downtown/Centre-ville, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Geographical area covered: Montreal Urban Community; also able to find
                           transportation to pick up worthwhile machines
                           around southwest Quebec province and Quebec City./
                           Communaute Urbaine de Montreal; aussi trouver
                           le transport pour les ordinateurs dans la
                           sud-ouest de la province est dans la ville de
Interests:                 DEC and other Unix workstations and similar
                           machines with other operating systems;
                           early portables; NeXT systems; Unisys ICON/
                           DEC et autres ordinateurs Unix, ou semblant;
                           vieux portables; systemes NeXT; ICON de Unisys
Current as of: 6-Dec-1999

I am one of the rare vintage computer collectors in the province of Quebec.
My interest are mostly "home" and "hobby" micros from the 197x-198x. The stuff I grew up with.
Also interested in anything non X86 IBMPC type (unless odd), also suns, DECs, mainframes etc...anything computer related and a bit old...
Will pick up anywhere between Montreal area and Quebec city area if interesting.
See my web site :
Current as of: 25-Apr-2001


Scott Walde
Sasaktoon, SK, CANADA
(306) 221-7393 or (306)382-0623 (remove all l's)
Area: Saskatchewan, Alberta (Manitoba in extreme cases.)
Primary interests: late 70s, 80s micros.
Current as of: 11-Jun-1997


Andreas Freiherr
Email: (remove all m's)
Interested in DEC hardware (mainly PDP-11, VAX, Alpha) of moderate size (limited storage!), in matching software (e.g., RSX-11, RT-11, OpenVMS), and of course in documentation (paper, CD, microfiche). Also, Motorola 68nn / 68nnn based machines.
Homed in the south-western part of Germany (Baden-Wuerttemberg).
Current as of: 1-Aug-2002

Philipp Hachtmann
E-mail address: (remove all r's)
Web page URL:
Phone number: +49 421 5287484
Location: Bremen, Germany
Computers of interest:
- Minicomputers before 1975 and their accessories and peripherals
- Honeywell "Series 16" minicomputers, accessories, peripherals, information, software for these systems
- Everything DEC PDP8-related: systems, software, accessories etc.
Geographical area covered: Germany, Netherlands, Swiss
Transport and storage capabilities: Variable.
Current as of: 10-Feb-2005

Eugen Mezei
no Web Page yet
Phone: +49-(0)6151-421684
Nieder-RamstM-ddter-Str. 183A/D24
64285 Darmstadt
Computers of interest: Commodore, IBM compatibles, Atari, Unix machines, but open for all the other abandonated babies
Geographical area covered: Germany maybe Europe
Current as of: 18-Jul-1999

Thomas Quiring
Thieplatz 6 b
D-37154 Northeim
e-mail: (remove all z's)
main interest: early 8-/16-bit systems (there was something before Intel...) and the appropriate software
Current as of: 3-Jul-1999

John G. Zabolitzky
81479 Muenchen, Germany (remove all y's)
Phone: +49-89-613 759 13
Fax: +49-89-625 2825
My interests are mainframes, minis and anything computing NOT containing microprocessors. Going anywhere in Europe.
Current as of: 3-Apr-1999

Hans Franke
Schweigerstraße 6
81541 München
Tel.: +49/89/6250 9250
Tel. at work: +49/89/6368 2222
Fax. at work: +49/89/6368 1915 (remove all x's)
Anything with an microprocessor, but especialy single board computers, home brews and kit system.
Current as of: 10-Jun-2003

Stefan Walgenbach
U. Walsumermarkstr. 16
46147 Oberhausen NRW
Tel.: 0208/682617
Tel. at work: 0231/9700731
Fax at work: 0231/9700798 (remove all m's) (includes list of my collection)
Main Area of interest: 8/16Bit Home and Business-Computer but NO x86-machines
Current as of: 11-Jun-1997


Name: Eero Uusitalo
email: (remove all z's)
phone: 0503644407
country & area: Finland, I can cover most of the country
special interest: Commodores are my favorites, but I collect others, too.
Current as of: 02-May-2000


74 Route de Latresne
33360 Carignan de Bordeaux
E-mail: (remove all x's)
Tel: 05-56-20-56-05
Web Site: 8-Bits Rendez-Vous
I'm mostly interested in 8-bits computers and videogame systems, pongs included. But no PC please !!
Current as of: 6-Oct-1998


Name: Forsi, Daniele
Email: (remove all l's)
Country: Italy
Area: Livorno (Leghorn), Toscana (Tuscany)
Interests: Home computers, hand held calculators (with BASIC language), early PC's. Will accept other material or help find a home for it.
Transport: willing to do it myself
Current as of: 23-Sep-2000

Marco Malaigia
E-mail address: (remove all n's)
Web page URL: (in construction)
Phone number: 011-39-0734628624
Location: Italy
Computers of interest: DEC PDT-150
Geographical area covered: Italy
Transport and storage capabilities: yes
Current as of: 26-May-2005

Riccardo Romagnoli
Forli'(FO)/Emilia Romagna/Italy
Telex:551132 CHEMIF I (yes, the old 50 BAUD stuff!) (remove all k's)
Area: Emilia-Romagna region (Ev. North side of the "boot")
Primary Interests: Mini's from 70's (esp. Texas DS990/x family); Micro; Olivetti; all kind teletypes machines from any age; Printers. I will be glad to exchange any information and documents I have (or search if needed) about classics coming from Italy.
Current as of: 11-Jun-1997


Name: Walter Belgers
Email: (remove all u's)
Web site:
I collect old memorabilia (examples: core memory, IBM logic module, paper tape etc) and everything from Sun Microsystems. I have much Sun Microsystems stuff for trade.
Area: Netherlands, Belgium, Germany
Current as of: 01-October-2005

Name: Erik Brens
Email: (remove all t's)
Phone: 0031-765032396
My main focus is on minis, mainframes and laboratory equipment, but I will probably be able to find a suitable home for any sort of computer.
Area: Netherlands and Belgium (I will consider pick-up anywhere in Europe)
Current as of: 21-May-2000

Edward Groenenberg
email : (remove all m's)
phone : +31 318633491
Interest : Digital PDP-11 computers (all models), documentation, etc.
webpage :
Area covered : Nethelands, Belgium, Germany; will consider other countries in Europe as well.
Current as of: 15-Mar-2002

My name : Stefan Mansier
E-mail address : (remove all k's)
Web page URL : or
Phone number : Can be requested by e-mail
Computers of interest : All kinds, no MSX, IBM-PC compatibles, items pre 1980 preferd
Geographical area covered : Netherlands + Belgium
Transport and storage capabilities : Can pickup in most area's in the Netherlands and Belgium, storage might be expanded to 200m2 in the future ;)
Also in the process of having a permanent exhibition in a quite big public library.
Current as of: 23-Aug-2000


Name: Joao Ribeiro
E-mail: (remove all q's)
Phone: +351-93-8137523
Country: Portugal
Address: Carnaxide (full address by e-mail, if needed)
Area Covered: Lisbon Metropolitan Area
Transport: Car
Looking for:
      DEC (Digital) Alphas and VAX
      Hewlett Packard HP300 and HP400
      Amiga m68K-based (with MMU)
      MC680x0 based Macs
      Motorola MVME147, 16x and 17x 68K VME
      Sun 68020-based Sun3
      Sun Sun4, Sun4c and Sun4m.
      Sun UltraSPARC
      PCs (386 and above).
Current as of: 20-Jan-2002

Name: Rodrigo Ventura
Email: (remove all n's)
Phone: +351-91-4953557
Country: Portugal
Address: Rua Jose Leilote, 26
1900-280 Lisboa
Interest: VAX, PDP, RISC workstations
Area: Portugal
Transport: Car
Storage: Small
Current as of: 13-Aug-2000

South Africa

Chris Collingwood
I am gathering together as much HP1000 A-Series stuff as I can lay my hands on.
I am located in Hilton, Kwazulu Natal, South Africa, but can travel by road to almost any region of South Africa if the HP1000 warrants it.
+27 83 264-3375 GSM Home email Work email
(Yes I work for HP, and yes the HP1000 is discontinued. I have been collecting them for the last 7 years)
Replace the X with a dot (.) to send mail.
Current as of: 5-May-2001

I don't have a large collection, but I "collect" (gather :-) smaller computers. Looking for S100 and SWTPC, I have an old Mac Classic, Apple II clone, some 6800 development systems, and someone's promised me a microVAX but I havn't seen it yet.
Current as of: 12-Oct-1999


Sergio Pedraja
E-mail address : (remove all k's)
Web page URL :
Phone number : 34-942-204633
Country, and state or province: Spain, Cantabria
Real address : c / San Luis 4, 1 ; 39010 Santander
Computers of interest : All the DEC PDP and VAX line, from servers of medium size to workstations.
S-100 (Imsai, Cromenco, Zenith, TRS80...)
CP/M, MP/M, Xenix Machines
Unix Servers of any epoch
Multiuser systems of medium and little size.
Early IBM PC and compatibles
Early and unusual networking stuff
Geographical area covered : Spain and Europe
North of Africa
United States
Transport and storage capabilities : I can store a respectable quantity of items in good conditions, for me or in holding or redistribution conditions.
Transport (in this order) by: Regular Mail UPS, FEDEX Slow boat to port (I live in Santander and I can receive easily items from England in this way because we have a ferry with Plymouth one or two times a week).
Current as of: 12-Jun-2001

Name: Pedro A. Cabrera
e-mail: (remove all q's)
Country: Spain
Province: Las Palmas de G.C.
Computers of interest: home computers of the eighties and older computers such as IMSAI, Altair, etc. Also, calculators.
Geographical Area Covered: Worldwide
Current as of: 21-Dec-2000

Vicente Simon
e-mail: vnomixs@terrax.esx (remove all x's)
Province: Seville
Computers of interest: Sinclair's and Amstrad's computers principaly and any other 8bits computer.
Area Covered: Worldwide
Current as of: 23-May-2001


PC/M Personal Computer Museum
c/o Per-Ola Stenborg
mail: (remove all l's)
Phone: +46708781388
Location: Falkenberg, Sweden
We are mainly interrested in 8-bit computers, but collect everything from PDP's to PC's. We also collect software, manuals, sales material and other computer related material. Please take a look at our web-site to get the idea. Old telecom equipment might also be of interrest (ie modems, TTYs and phones). We can offten arrange for transportation.
Current as of: 1-Apr-2001


Yves Bolognini (remove all t's)
Switzerland (french part)
I live in Lausanne, Switzerland. I've been collecting computers for several years and have quite a large collection. Mainly micros, but also some minis and workstations. I'm interested in any old computer stuff, hardware, documents, books, and have quite a large storage room... Since March 2002, will have a small museum at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology.
Current as of: 8-Feb-2002

Beat Stoller (remove all w's)
+4162 923 2786
Jaegerweg 10
CH-4900 Langenthal
As my eMail-address already suggests, I am basically into portables of any brand. From IBM, Compaq and Canon I also collect laptops and notebooks. I had to reduce my collection an stick to portables, laptops and notebooks due to lack of space, but that's not that tight a consideration anymore and I am now quite far advanced in my collection again. Call or email me if you have a portable, laptop or notebook you wish to get rid of and I'll come to get it! I cover the entire german part of Switzerland and even southern Germany at need.
Current as of: 7-Jul-2003

United Kingdom

Graham Bird (remove all w's)
South Yorkshire
DN11 0JY
There was a company out in the 8o's called Video software Ltd, from the west midlands and there are three progs/Simulations I would like a copy of
Current as of: 7-Aug-2003

Stephen Calver (remove all w's)
Phone: 01440 710318
Stephen Calver,
51 Elmdon Place,
I am interested in any old computers that have had a game ran on it in the past. Virtually every system has had a least 1 game on it and I'm trying to rescue the really obscure ones. I can collect and will pay postage and have lots of space to store things.
Current as of: 11-Dec-2001

Mike Coates (remove all b's)
phone(England) 01934 952398 (ask for "Mike").
My full adress is:
Mike Coates,
Ash Green,
Front Street,
N. Somerset,
BS25 5NB
I am interested in virtually any old computers, especially Acorn machines and origional IBM PCs, as well as 8-bit machines from the 70s ans 80s. I have room for an unlimited number of smaller computers, but may have a few problems for larger ones. Unfortunately, I am unable to collect at the moment (i may be able to if it is lcoal- whatever will fit in the boot of a Morris 1000) but can pay postage if reasonable.
I've been collecting for about 3 years and will take virtually anything.
Current as of: 16-Mar-2001

Chris Cox
South Wales, UK
email: (remove all p's)
Collect: SINCLAIR SINCLAIR SINCLAIR. ZX81 software, Speccy Original 'Sinclair'-label titles. Especially looking for MK14 and ZX80 ram packs. I've been collecting for 4+ years now.
I pay for delivery nationwide, collect in South West. I prefer not to put my full address on the net if possible.
Current as of: 4-Mar-2003

Kevin Murrell
E-mail address: (remove all a's)
Web page URL:
Phone number: 01252 683503
Country, and state or province: Midlands and South-East England
Real address: Near Guildford, England
Computers of interest: DEC PDP8 and PDP11 systems
Geographical area covered: Will collect from anywhere in the UK for a classic DEC system
Transport and storage capabilities: I work as a volunteer for the Computer Museum at Bletchley Park
See www.retrobeep,com for more details.
Current as of: 7-Dec-2001

Nick Ryman-Tubb
email: (remove all p's)
Tel: 07733304990 or 0207 870 7755
Skype: nick.ryman.tubb
Location: Guildford, Surrey, UK
I am a collector of early British Microcomputers and historian.
Collect: anything on the Research Machines - esp. 380Z, software in particular or stories from employees or users. Any manuals, software (floppy or cassette tape). I am also keen on Nascom, Sinclair ZX80, ZX81, QL, NewBrian, Jupiter Ace, Dragon, Enterprise, Transam Tuscan/Triton, Custom 80, Modular Office Systems (MOS), NCS, etc.
I can collect in UK or pay for suitable careful courier worldwide. All are kept in my warm study, all will be repaired to fully working, and added to a museum web site and archive - free to all collectors.
Current as of: 27-Feb-2007

Name: Al Pearson
Email: azlazzn_pezzzarson@zhzotmazzilz.czomz (remove all z's)
Webpage: coming soon...
Location: Bath, UK - can collect from anywhere in UK or pay for delivery.
Computers of interest: Xerox D-machines (6085, 11xx, 8010) and Siemens badged machines (5822 etc),Xerox Alto, Xerox 820, ICL/3RCC PERQ, Inmos transputers (also Atari ATW).
Any software, manuals, books, spec sheets, app notes, spare parts, peripherals etc...
Current as of: 4-Apr-2001

Alistair Ross
Email Address: (remove all X's)
Web Page URL: < (a bit on my IBM's)
Phone Number: +44 (0)131 558 3727
Country: United Kingdom
Address: Cowgate, Edinburgh, Scotland
Computers of Interest: All early IBM PC's, especially the IBM PC/XT 5162 All micros from 1975 onwards.
Geographical Area Covered: Lothian area, but will travel further for special cases, and will pay for delivery.
Current as of: 27-Apr-2002

Hugh Stabler (remove all k's)
Location: Sudbrooke, a suburb of Lincoln
Phone: home +44 1522 595752, mobile +44 7908115081
The first machine I grew to know inside-out, both in terms of hardware and software, was a DEC PDP-8/e. That was 30 years ago. I'd dearly love to own one of these now. I lost an auction on one a few years back at 700 UKP (about a $1000 or so I guess) and dearly regret it.
I've got a few bits and pieces, but nothing too exciting at the moment. I've had interesting machines in the past, like a 7-bit Univac machine I bought from British Airways (or BOAC as they were). My parents made me throw it out in the end though, the criminals! My children (4 of them) have slowly started leaving the nest, so I find myself with some excess space, so my intention now is to concentrate on old machines, with the emphasis on DEC machines. That's probably going to be mainly PDP-11's and MicroVaxen and the like, but I'm always on the look-out for a PDP-8 of any variety, but ideally a PDP-8/e, which I still hold as legendary in my mind.
I don't have transport suitable for sizeable bits of kit at the moment, and would currently have to rely on rented/borrowed vans, but I do plan to pick up an old white transit van as a secondary vehicle.
Current as of: 10-Feb-2006

Brian Warwick
E-mail address: (remove all j's)
Web page URL:
Location: Cornwall UK
Computers of interest: All except IBM PC clones
Geographical area covered: UK
Current as of: 1-May-2001

Name: Adrian Wise
E-mail: (remove all q's)
Location: Bracknell, United Kingdom
Computers of interest: Minicomputers, especially Honeywell 16-bit machines, teletypes, paper-tape equipment, etc. Also, as an ex-Inmos employee myself, transputers and A1xx DSP kit.
Geographical area covered: Western Europe
Transport and storage capabilities: Limited storage, can transport most things
Current as of: 23-Sep-2005

Dave Woodman (remove all p's)
Maidenhead - will cover much of South East England
Interested in small DEC VAXen/Alpha machines or very similar. Very limited storage and trnasport (hence the 'small machines').
Current as of:24-Apr-2002

Name: Ade Vickers
E-mail: j (remove all z's)
Web: (not ready yet)
Area covered: Collect anywhere in UK, will accept posted stuff worldwide (I will pay postage)
Storage: 4000sq/ft warehouse :-)
Computers of interest: All micros from circa 1977-1990 dead or alive, except IBM clones (although I wouldn't mind an old Compaq luggable). I'd also like examples of peripherals (disk drives, tape drives, printers, monitors, etc. etc.), and software.
I will take duplications, especially where I have a dead machine which I may be able to fix, but generally dupes will be offered to other local collectors, and - if refused - sold on eBay (cash earned to be ploughed back into the collection, or given to charity).
Current as of: 2-Aug-2001

Chris Davies
e-mail : (remove all l's)
webpage :
location : West Midlands, UK
area covered : anywhere in UK
i am interested in all old micros but especially in old Apple hardware, my ambition is to have every single Macintosh one day! If you have old (or new :) Apple hardware you are about to throw out please contact me first!! I also am looking for 70s and early 80s 8-bit micros.
Current as of: 21-Jul-2000

Alan Hammerton
Email : (remove all q's)
Webpage : coming soon
Location : Guildford, United Kingdom
Computers of Interest : Pretty much anything. I have been collecting for 2 years now, and I am particularly interested in more unusual computers, consoles and accessories.
Are covered : 150 mile radius of London, although I will travel further for really unusual items. I will also pay postage for any items.
Transport & storage : I have a large amount of storage space so I can take practically anything, as for transport I have my girlfriend's HUGE Volvo.
Current as of: 16-Jun-2000

Steve Smith
E-mail address: (remove all l's)
Web page URL:
Country: United Kingdom
Computers of interest: All micro computers, particularly from the 1980's. I started on Sinclair equipment because I learned most of my programming on a Sinclair ZX-Spectrum but I've diversified to collecting any machines since they're all getting lost one way and another.
Geographical area covered: The SE of England to collect depending on the machine but I'll normally pay shipping.
Transport and storage capabilities: Transport is my wife's car :-) As for storage, all over my house for now. I intend to open a small display venue in the long term.
Current as of: 13-Mar-2000

Ben Hardy
email: BenHardwy@Rewtro77.freeserve.wco.UK (remove all w's)
I am a computer colector with a medium sized colection that are used often to write shareware software for older microcomputers. I am hoping to increse my colection to start a proper software company. I am mostly instrested in the Commodore PET microcomputers anthing to do with them: the microcomputers (broken ones aswell), books, software, magazines, any upgrades or hardware. Also I am instested in the BBC microcomputers or anything to do with them, if you have any surplus micro computer equipment mentiond on the list (or anything else of intrest) you would like to go to a project that would find it usefull. I would love to hear your offer. I am situated in england and would consider anything in the UK at a reasonable price.
Current as of: 22-Sep-1999

Pete Joules
May be able to collect from anywhere in England and Wales depending upon urgency.
Main interests DEC systems and Unix workstations but anything will be gratefully considered as I haven't really specialised in any particular area yet.
I am also willing to take away PCs and networks which are being disposed of, any which are surplus to my requirements will be donated to local charities and similar organisations along with technical support.
e-mail (remove all k's)
telephone 01743 884291
Current as of: 22-Jul-1999

Enrico Tedeschi
54, Easthill Drive
tel/fax +(0)1273 701650 (24 hours) or 0850 104725 mobile (remove all p's)
Current as of: 11-Jun-1997

Kevan Heydon
Cambridge, United Kingdom (remove all m's)
Old Computer Collector:
Interests: Mainly 8bits from the late 70's and early 80's and Unix workstations.
Current as of: 23-Jul-1998

United States

[Alabama] [Arizona] [California] [Colorado] [Connecticut] [Delaware] [Florida] [Georgia] [Illinois] [Indiana] [Iowa] [Kansas] [Louisiana] [Maine] [Maryland] [Massachusets] [Michigan] [Minnesota] [Missouri] [Nebraska] [New Hampshire] [New Jersey] [New Mexico] [New York] [North Carolina] [Ohio] [Oregon] [Pennsylvania] [Rhode Island] [Tennessee] [Texas] [Utah] [Virginia] [Washington] [Wisconsin]


Jeremy Blevins (remove all f's)
I am interested in most non-Intel computers. The more obscure, the better. I am can pick up systems in northern Alabma or lower Tennessee.
Current as of: 12-Apr-2002


Hello, I am a computer enthusiast that lives in The metro Phoenix, Arizona area.
My phone # is 623.930.0356
My address can be obtained by telephone or email to (remove all q's)
Current as of: 6-Jun-2001

Shawn Nock (remove all t's)
USA, Arizona
Cochise #111
1018 E. South Campus Drive
Tucson, AZ 85719
Anything running any form or flavor of unix, vax, or similar Will find any resources needed (I am very persuasive)
Current as of: 13-Sep-2001

Lou O'Quin (remove all p's) (remove all k's)
Gilbert, Arizona (Phoenix 'burb)
Interested in Osbornes - I used to own both an Osborne 1 and an Executive, & would be interested in rescuing any that I come across. Also, if anyone comes across a Lobo MAX-80, I'll take a crack at restoring it as well. I will travel just about anywhere in the state, and occasionally get into southern CA and New Mexico.
Current as of: 4-Nov-2005

Southwest Museum of Engineering, Communications and Computation (remove all x's)
Coury House / SMECC
5802 W. Palmaire Ave.
Glendale Az 85301 USA
Phone 623-435-1522
Current as of: 10-Feb-2004


Jim Battle
San Jose, CA
Computers of interest:
Specifically Sol computers, docs, software, peripherals
Wang 2200 computers, docs, software
TRS-80 stuff (model 3, 4, 4p)
Compucolor computer (I wish!)
To a lesser degree, any old 8080/Z80 machine
Depending on item, I'm willing to drive up to 250 miles, or would be willing to pay shipping & handling for that or greater distances.
Current as of: 03-Oct-2000

Lee Courtney
Home info:
2124 Ashton Avenue
Menlo Park, CA. 94025
(650) 704-3934
Computers of interest: 1990 and earlier minicomputers and mainframes (DEC VAX, PDP11, HP3000). Actively seeking spares, peripherals (especially 1/2" mag tape, printers, and terminals - video and hardcopy) along with software and documentation. If you have a copy of APL for a VAX (e.g. 750) please contact me. Interested in MCM and IBM 5100 machines. Geographical area covered: North America. I have shipped complete systems from Canada and the east coast. Transport and storage capabilities: Experienced using common carrier and self transport. Have facilitated and arranged moves of complete mainframe and minicomputer systems across US and Canada
Current as of: 9-Feb-2004

Boris Debic (remove all x's)
Foster City, California
Looking for HP-2000's and IBM 5100's, but will consider anything from that era that is restorable especially if it's built around logic modules and not processors. If you are not sure please contact me via email. Also interested in computers and documents on computers that flew into space.
Willing to drive 300 mi. or pay shipping for greater distances.
Current as of: 13-Oct-2003

Ben Englert (remove all f's)
San Jose California USA
I am interested in working old macs. Will pay a price ofr shipping and handling nothing too outrageous. I would like working computers. Not willing to pay anything however if you have a mac thatn needs a good home and it works email me. or im me my screen name (aol) is: ben2000z1
Current as of: 15-Jan-2001

Mike Ford < (remove all j's)>
USA, California
Orange, CA 92869
Odd bits, both new and old, mac, apple, PS/2. I have lot of stuff, so getting a bit picky on what I keep, but I am happy to pass stuff on to others too.
All over SoCal
Mustang hatchback, garage, friends with pickup truck.
Current as of: 29-Jun-2001

Mark Frischknecht (remove all s's)
(757)749-4071 (Cell#)
USa, California San Diego
Apple ]['s, Amigas, Commadore's
San Diego Area
If it can Fit in a car I can take it
Current as of: 22-Aug-2005

Nick Gessler (remove all i's)
Los Angeles, California
Box 706, 22148 Monte Vista Road
Topanga, CA 90290-0706
I teach "computational social science" which includes a bit of the history and philosophy of computation. I learned on an IBM 1620, thought the closest thing I would come to owning a computer was a pneumatic player piano I bought in the 1970s, and ended up bypassing the MITS Altair and Imsai 8080, looking at an IBM 5100 and buying a Tektronix 4051. Since then I've been rescuing similar machines and now have two Thinking Machines Connection Machines (CM2s). I'm also interested in microcontrollers and single-board "prototyping" computers. I'm particularly interested in the cryptographic origins of computers and collect in that field too, as well as mechanical and analog devices. I would like to see a pneumatic computer (I do have logic gates), but I wonder how we will collect DNA computers? The basement and garages are nearly full but there's "always room for one more."
Current as of: 26-May-2001

Bertie Hall
Location: Blythe, California (formerly Galveston, Texas) USA
Email: (remove all y's)
Will accept all Apple Macintosh computers (including old Apple II series), peripherals or printers . Available to pickup in Southern California's Imperial Valley. Will pickup as far as Phoenix and Los Angeles when possible. Email us to save a Mac from a landfill. If we can't pick up we'll try to arrange for shipping.
Current as of: 1-Sep-2002

Cameron Kaiser
I'm particularly interested and useful with Commodore 8-bits and even Amigas if someone came up with one they were going to chuck. But C64s and C128s are my speciality. In fact, this message is being typed on an SX-64. :-)
I also keep an eye out for Tandy Pocket Computers and Tomy Tutors (this last is particularly obscure), and Timex Sinclairs.
I'm in Southern California, and my E-mail is (remove all f's)
Current as of: 2-Aug-2000

Erik S. Klein (remove all q's)
San Jose, CA, USA
Computers of interest: I am a collector/restorer of vintage microcomputer hardware, software and media and am interested in providing a good home for older systems and related items including old manuals, magazines, advertisements and newsletters. By "old", I typically mean systems built before 1984 and often much earlier than that. I am particularly interested in S-100 bus and CP/M based systems. I am looking to breathe new life into systems that are otherwise collecting dust and rust in attics, garages and storage spaces. I'm willing to pick up or pay to ship most items and, for some, I will pay more.
Geographical area covered: All of Northern California. I'll travel up to 200 miles from SF to pick up stuff and will pay to ship most items as well.
Transport and storage capabilities: A nice sized SUV for transport and a bedroom plus half of a 2 car garage dedicated to storage, restoration and playing.
Current as of: 10-Apr-2002

Brian Knittel
tel: 510-559-7930
email: (remove all g's)
Berkeley, California USA
Primary Interests: DEC PDP-11, LSI-11, PDP-8. Would also be interested in hearing about older IBM equipment from the 1130 to pre-AS/400 IBM mini-mainframes.
Geographical area: 300 mi radius from SF Bay Area,
Transport: willing to haul. Can get truck if necessary.
Current as of: 2-May-2001

Mark Randall (remove all v's)
ph: 916.851.0800
Curator of International Home Computer Museum. Based in Northern California (Sacramento).
Will rescue any home microcomputers (all-in-one units with processor inside keyboard and external TV for display). Will pay for shipping/packaging as well.
Current as of: 25-Jul-1999

John Sandel
joxhnsandelx@exarthlink.netx (remove all x's)
Los Angeles, California, USA
Looking to buy subnotebooks made by Lexmark Intíl: the MB-10, MB-15 (8086 and 8088-based; announced in April 1994; discontinued shortly after). I'm especially interested in original software, manuals, documentation &/or packaging.
Current as of: 23-May-2001

Paul E Coad
Mountain View, CA (remove all i's)
Range: San Francisco Bay area and Northern California.
Main Area of Interest: Sun machines/parts/docs/ephemera, workstations, and DG Nova stuff. I can pickup machines in the Silicon Valley on pretty short notice. Other areas will require a little more planning and arrangement.
Current as of: 22-Jul-1998

Isaac Davis
Los Angeles,CA. (remove all q's)
Area of Interest: Atari
Current as of: 1-Jul-1999

Name: Sellam Ismail
Organization: Vintage Computer Festival
E-mail address: (remove all w's)
Interests: Anything and everything, especially mini's and mainframes. The older the better.
Range of pickup: Worldwide
Misc: Possible tax deduction for donations to VCF
Current as of: 6-Mar-1999

Marvin Johnston
Santa Barbara,CA
(805)687-8881 (remove all f's)
Main Area of Interest: Microcomputers from the 70's with the associated documentation
Current as of: 11-Jun-1997

John Lawson
Los Angeles, CA (remove all d's)
wk ph: (310) 449-3421
hm ph: (310) 456-9094
Area of Interest: 150 - 200 mi radius centered on Los Angeles, CA. (will travel further if it's *worth* it)
Have 4X4 pickup, 1.5K lbs load, can rent bigger vehicle if needed.
Specialty: DEC PDP and VAX 750/780 and peripherals, also old audio gear and early electronic musical instruments. No micros, PCs... nothing later than 70's basically.
Current as of: 22-Jul-1999

George Lin
Silicon Valley/San Francisco Bay Area (remove all p's)
Will do next day pickup of microcomputers, portables, calculators, and home video game machines more than 15 years old.
Current as of: 25-Feb-1999

William Martin
Grover Beach, California USA
I mainly collect and enjoy Atari ST, Amiga, MAC 680XX, SUN, 8-bit, XT to Pentiums etc. When it comes down to it If I'm within 60 miles driving distance I'll save any computer from a cold dumpster. I'll even take broken Atari ST and Amiga stuff. I live on California's Central Coast.
Current as of: 13-Aug-2000

Roger Sinasohn
Real address: 25 Paloma Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94127-2607
Greater San Francisco Bay Area
e-mail: (remove all x's)
or (remove all p's)
Interested in anything portable, the odder the better. See my wanted page ( for some of the machines I'm after. Also looking for specs, history, anecdotes, etc. about portable computers. Can store as many computers as I can sneak into the house and hide without my girlfriend noticing. Have Land Rover, will travel.
Current as of: 7-Apr-1999

Doug Yowza
Bay Area and Southern California (remove all w's)
Keywords: IMSAI, Altair, GRiD, GO, Gavilan, Momenta, KIM, SYM, AIM, Analog
Interests: If it's old or small or unusual, I will give it a good home, and might even give you some cash.
Current as of: 22-Jul-1998


Clint Wolff (remove all h's)
Location: Westminster, CO, USA
Phone number: Why, I don't answer the stupid thing anyway
Interests: Old VAXen (up to 3100s), VAX documentation (any), PDP-11 stuff
Area: Within 500 miles (or so) of Denver, CO
Transport: 3/4 ton truck and access to larger trucks and trailers
Storage: Not much except for my toys :)
Current as of: 10-Apr-1999

name: Emanuel Stiebler
e-mail: (remove all w's)
WWW: none
Phone: (office) 303-674-3777
address: USA,COLORADO, Evergreen 80439
Computers of interest: mostly DEC, pdp11 (q-bus), vaxen, Decstation & DecSystems, i860, transputer, bit slice
Transport and storage capabilities: none
Current as of: 2-Apr-1999


Jeff Katz
e-mail: (remove all g's) or (remove all d's)
phone (860) 997-2709
Interested in anything DEC or IBM except personal computer products. I'm a collector and restorer, not a reseller or scavenger.
Current as of: 4-Aug-2004


Bill Degnan (remove all q's) (my band)
Delaware / Philadelphia Areas
Address: Wilmington, Delaware USA
Computers of interest - All PC/microcomputers 1977-1986. Have tested and working models of many 1977- present PC/Micros including Apple, Commodore, IBM, Texas Instruments, and Tandy. Lots of extra parts, cables, and software. Love to trade and solve repair problems with fellow collectors. I have experience repairing IBM and Commodore machines and have diagnostic tools. Will trade service for items of interest. I will travel to save desired computers from the scrap heap. If in the area make an appointment to visit my work office lobby "computer museum" display of restored computers.
Looking For - IBM reference disks 5 1/4, Any brand pre 1988 OS software, working SUN 386 workstation, Commodore 64/128 cartridges.
Geographical area covered - South New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, DC areas.
Transport and storage capabilities - Have space and transport. Current as of: 23-Sep-2003

Louis Silverstein (remove all q's)
Phone # - email me if you need my #
Delaware, USA (between DC and NY)
I am a student who is extremely interested in SGI stuff. Anything from IRIS? to ONYX2's, everything SGI. I also have ample room and will give any SGI a good home.
Current as of: 6-Jun-2003

Matthew C. Williams
Email: (remove all b's)
Location: Delaware, USA
Address: 2230 Old Orchard Road
Interests: Networkable, mainframe, and multiuser machines (or anything, really)
Area covered: Lower New Jersey, Philadelphia, Northern Delaware, DC/NJ/NYC by special request
Transport: four-door sedan regularly available, minivan available sometimes
Storage: Basement lab
Current as of: 23-Nov-2003


Name: Michael Burek
E-Mail: (remove all x's)
State: Florida
Area: Tampa Bay Area (Pinellas, Pasco, Hillsborough Counties)
Country: USA
Computers of Interest: Pre-G3 Macs & all other Apple products & clones, Pre-Pentium II IBM-PC's and clones/compatibles (even 8088's), All Commodore products, All Texas Instruments Computing products (no calculators). Hardware, software, cartridges, cables, loose parts: working or not, for the most part. You got it, and no longer want it... I'll take it!
Current as of: 29-Dec-2001

Gary Klingebiel
PO Box 592174
Orlando, FL 32859 (remove all b's)
Web Site:
I am looking to rescue the equipment that I use to operate and maintain. I will try to provide your equipment a good home, where it will be restored and kept operational for the future. My goal is to have several complete systems that are fully functional with spars and documentation to keep them that way. To that end I am looking for Heath / Zenith, DEC PDP-11 & LSI-11, Westinghouse 2500, IBM 129 Keypunch, High speed card readers and punches, Dataproducts drum and band printers, Paper tape devices, 1/2" mag tape drives, documentation, supplies, etc.
As of 2004 I have 500 sq ft of air-conditioned space open, I have 80 Acres to put storage containers on if the need arises.
For transportation I have a 6'x12' trailer (5000 lb load limit) and a 1968 M35A2C drop side military truck (5 ton load limit on road). Closer to home is always better, but I have gone 500 miles one way to make a pick-up. I will pay shipping on smaller items of interest.
Current as of: 14-Sep-2004

Name: Edward D. Shockley
E-mail: (remove all m's)
Website URL:
City: Loxahatchee
Computers of Interest: I am only interested in Commodore B-Series Computers (e.g., B128, B256, CBM128, etc), peripherals, software and literature. I will only buy/pick-up from locations within the United States.
Current as of: 6-Jul-2005

Steve King
E-mail address: (remove all g's)
State: Florida
Computers of interest: Radio Shack TRS-80 Model PC-4 "Pocket Computer"
Note: I am looking for the thermal printer, in working order.
Current as of: 26-Apr-1999

Steve Robertson
Broward County Florida (remove all p's)
Interest: Older microcomputers and minicomputers of most any type.
Range: I have a truck and enough room to accommodate fairly large systems. I can pickup anywhere in the southern half of Florida and will travel farther for items of particular interest.
Current as of: 2-Apr-1999

Joe Rigdon (remove all k's)
Orlando, Florida
I'm interested in any HP computers or calculators or just about anything interesting. Besides the HPs, I'm also interested in old developement systems such as the intel MDS systems, also any systems that use Multibus cards. I'm also intersted in any OLD home computers such as the S-100s and SWTPC stuff. If it's nearby I'll drive to get it. If it's too far to drive, and very interesting I'll pay to ship it or get a friend to pick it up.
Current as of: 8-Feb-2004


Laura Truchon (remove all q's)
Atlanta, GA, USA
Computers of interest: any Atari related personal computer systems which can range from the 400 through the ST series, as well as any extra components. I am also interested in the TI99/4A computer.
Current as of: 21-Jan-2001


Bob Brown
27W086 Cooley Ave.
WInfield, Il 60190
I am interested in old micro/mini's. In particular hp2000 class systems, or other systems with front panels (blinkin lights and switches).
I also have knowledge of IBM mainframes (until recently I did systems administration on a 4381-R14 running VSE and VM.
I am about 30 miles W of Chicago.
Current as of: 04-May-2000

Brett Crapser
Lisle, Il
20 miles West of Chicago (remove all y's)
Location: Available on weekends. Can roam from say South Bend Indiana and Southwest Michigan to all of Illinois and the southern half of Wisconsin.
Area of Interest: Personally like DEC mini's and VAX. Plenty of room 8-) and a 1-ton E-250 van. Can help with any CP/M and S-100 stuff. Don't know enough about Apples and Mac's to even boot them up 8-( but can store and will pack and ship and pick-up for gas money and materials and shipping about anything you can think of 8-) [Remember - garages are NOT for cars!]
Current as of: 11-Jun-1997

Lou Sommo (remove all t's)
Location: Chicago and its suburbs.
Current as of: 11-Jun-1997

Scott Ware
Location: Chicago, Illinois and surrounding area (located 2900N, 800W in the city) (remove all t's)
or (remove all y's)
Personal areas of interest: UNIX boxes, 8-bit systems, portables of all kinds, and just about anything else.
Current as of: 11-Jun-1997


Patrick Finnegan
Lafayette, Indiana, USA (Purdue University)
Email: (remove all x's)
Work phone: 765-496-1752 (email preferred)
Interests: Anything DEC (eg. VAX, PDP-n), most IBM, or anything pre-1980 from micro to mainframe. Working on collecting equipment to start a museum.
Current as of: 07-Jul-2007

Gunther Schadow
Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
email: em (remove all k's)ail:
Any DEC equipment, VAX, PDP-8, PDP-11
Covering Central Indiana and 300 miles radius.
Phone: (317) 630 7960
Current as of: 14-Jul-2001

Doug Quebbeman
e-mail: (remove all b's)
Work Phone: 812-282-3700 x336
Area: USA, Indiana, Louisville, Kentucky Metropolitan Area
Home Address: 2235 Lombardy Drive, Clarksville, Indiana, 47129
Interests: Pr1marily Pr1me, followed by CDC, DEC, Apollo, Data General, Hewlett-Packard, Computer Automation/TRAN, Modcomp, TI and other obscure minicomputers.
I can cover a roughly 100-mile range centered on Louisville, KY, and can store anything I can transport.
Current as of: 29-May-2001


Andy Brobston (remove all y's)
Location: You can put me down for pretty much the state of Iowa, though there are a lot of times when I won't be able to pick up equipment or store it. But, if no one else is here... (besides, I'm interested in some of it, if they're just going to throw it away).
Current as of: 11-Jun-1997

John Friel III (remove all w's)
2927 Cobblestone Ct.
Cedar Falls, IA 50613
I'm interested in old HP 2000 series mini's. Will go anywhere in the continental US if it's a working unit. My hope is to get enough parts to get a full 32 nodes online and interface with the Internet for accounts. Guess the first step is to get enough parts to get one working!
Current as of: 3-Jul-2003

Your name : Nathan Pralle
E-mail address : (remove 'removethis')
Web page URL :
Phone number : 641-892-8019
Country, and state or province if in the USA or Canada. Iowa, USA
Real address : PO Box 367, Sheffield, IA 50475
Computers of interest : Any; Micro/Minis from the 1970's/80's in particular
Geographical area covered : Iowa, Southern Minnesota, Western Wisconsin
Transport and storage capabilities : I can/will drive a reasonable distance (<6 hours) to get computers depending on the model and amount, and at this time will take any and all numbers of computers. I usually take any/all computers offered. Peripherals (monitors, printers, etc.) I may or may not take as my collection will support.
Current as of: 30-August-2006


Bill Girnius
Lawrence, KS (remove all i's)
Area of Interest: Old desktop/micros and accessories.
Current as of: 11-Jun-1997


Name: Chris Cureau
email: (remove all z's)
phone: (337) 625-5561, (504) 641-7915
address: 515 Evans Road, Sulphur, Louisiana, 70663, US
interest: I'm interested mainly in smaller Digital equpment, namely MicroVAX and PDP-11s. I am also interested in Amigas
transport: Toyota pickup. I can get a larger truck if needed. :-)
Current as of: 4-Feb-2000


Stacy C. Morang
Augusta, Maine (remove all b's)
Location: Will travel in New England area for good finds.
Interest: Mainframes, Minis, micros, mechanicals (teletypes and cash registers), and documentation
Current as of: 7-May-2002


Name: Taylor Crook
E-mail: (remove all v's)
phone #: 301.845.8374 (feel free to contact me if you have a computer for donation any time of day!)
Country: USA, Walkersville, MD
Address: 18 William Street Walkersville, MD
Computers: Olivetti's , IBM PC-XT, Commodore's , Sinclair's etc.. most any old computers (1980's) you have, working or not
Pickup Area: Will drive hour-hour and half distance, if longer I would be willing to pay the shipping to have it shipped to me
Current as of: 28-Jun-2001

David Gesswein (remove all v's)
10024 Woodhill Rd
Bethesda MD USA
I Collect DEC PDP-8 hardware, software, and documentation, my website shows much of what I have and scans of many manuals. Also collect a little Tektronix stuff. Will pick up related stuff within day trip or more depending on item. Don't have room to store too much not related but can help others within a day trip range and may be able to bring a Suburban.
Current as of: 9-Dec-2001

Douglas A. Gwyn (remove all a's)
I am interested in any system software or documentation for the CDC 1700, System 17, or System 18 computer, even hardcopy listings. If you have a working system you want to get rid of, that would be great, too.
Current as of: 28-Mar-2001

Dan Veeneman (remove all x's)
Maryland, USA
Interested in computers and calculators from the 1960's through the early 1980's. Especially interested in Hewlett-Packard, but anything unusual or portable.
I have friends in Chicago and Dallas, and drive between there and the East Coast several times a year. I've got a Jeep with a trailer hitch to haul stuff and a garage and a basement with space remaining.
Current as of: 31-Aug-2001

R. D. Davis (remove all l's)
Baltimore, Maryland
What I'm interested in helping to preserve are primarily older minicomputers such as DEC PDP-11, PDP-8 and VAX systems, and small Data General Eclipse/MV systems (I used to work with one, and would love to acquire one running AOS/VS!) and parts/peripherals for such systems. Other interests include older Sun workstations, Convergent Miniframe/Mightyframe, etc.
Current as of: 9-Sep-1999

Bill Sudbrink (remove all g's)
daytime: (301)509-7777 Silver Spring, Maryland USA
Rescue Area: Washington, DC USA and suburbs
Interest: Ohio Scientific and any other microcomputers up to 1983. Hardware, software, documentation and marketing literature.
Current as of: 8-Jun-2003

Gary S. Katz (remove all q's)
Location:  1) Northwestern Baltimore (Owings Mills)
        2) Western Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh/Latrobe)
        3) Central NJ (East Brunswick)
I'm currently living in #1, storing most of my TRS-80 / Commodore collection in #3 (parents), and visit #2 (in-laws) at least once a month.
Area of Interest: I'll also seek out Atari 8-bits (I have a 400 in working condition). I'm particularly interested in the Radio Shack Line (have 4 Mod 1's and am working on a vintage Mod 3). I also have a 102, PC-3 and PC-4.
Current as of: 11-Jun-1997


Chandra Bajpai
Natick, MA (remove all u's)
I'd be interested in volunteering to save old microprocessor based machines...I have a specific interest in personal computers (mid 70's and up).
Current as of: 24-Jun-1998

Robert K. Burkhardt
email: (remove all w's)
I live in Massachusetts and am interested in preserving any models of the Data General Nova. I am particularly interested in machines dating up until the mid-70's, corresponding to the period during which my late brother, Henry Burkhardt III, one of the designers of the original Nova, was still with the company.
Current as of: 23-Apr-2002

C Daniels (remove all z's)
Arlington MA
I am interested in PC's and peripherals accompanied with full documentation. 8-bit computers are acceptable only if packaged with a modem- I will gladly trade. I will store and/or care for ancient "big iron" mainframes and Lisp machines- but I cannot offer much cash and even less expertise.
Able to transport items from M.I.T
Current as of: 21-Dec-2000

Tony Dellett (remove all r's)
My girlfriend and I rescue all sorts of equipment from the Northern
Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire areas. We're interested in all sorts of computer equipment (nothing is too large!) and are willing to pay frieght and/or come pick it up.
Current as of: 24-Jul-1998

Carl Richard Friend
West Boylston, MA (remove all g's)
Location: I'm located in central Massachusetts, have a minivan capable of handling 6' racks, and am willing to drive moderate (within the Northeast - longer for some systems) distances to acquire pieces for my collection.
Area of Interest: I'm currently seeking members of Data General's 16-bit line for my collection as well as either a DEC KI- or KA-10. Offers of other minicomputers will (other than PDP-11s) be seriously considered.
Current as of: 11-Jun-1997

Megan Gentry
Framingham, MA
(508) 254 0002 (remove all k's)
Location: I'm in eastern Massachusetts. I don't have any sort of vehicle which could transport large items, but I could provide tools and assistance to any effort. I can help within about 2 hours of Framingham. Mostly interested in DEC hardware (PDPs of any type), software and documentation. Also interested in DEC memorabilia.
Current as of: 31-Jul-2002

Steve Jones
Contact: (remove all 1's)
Location: Arlington - suburb just outside of Boston.
Transport: SUV capabale of fitting a 6' rack. Class III hitch for trailers.
Range: 2-3 hours from Boston easily; longer distances for items of strong interest (e.g. New Brunswick for a couple timesharing systems with docs and media). Willing to assist in group rescues.
Small DEC systems (VAX, PDP, Alpha, micro), S-100 systems, DG AViiON or other Motorola 88k, National Semiconductor 32000, some early Apple items, some CP/M. Anything odd or unusual. Possibly magazines or books, even w/o hardware. Will pay to ship items in some cases.
Current as of: 8-Jun-2003

Allison Parent
Framingham, MA
(508) 877-7555 (remove all x's)
I can pick up anything that will fit my toyota pickup and within say two hours drive.
Current as of: 11-Jun-1997

Geoffrey G. Rochat
Mendon, MA
ge7off@pkw7orks.co7m (remove all 7's)
Located in central Massachusetts, I have a minivan and am willing to drive anywhere in the New England or Metro New York to acquire pieces for my collection - longer distances and larger vehicles can be arranged for certain items. Specifically seeking S-100 based CP/M machines (Northstars in particular) and DEC 18-bit minicomputers (1's, 4's, 7's, 9's and 15's), other small minicomputers (DEC PDP8/e, PDP11/05, DG Nova, HP 1000, etc.) are also of great interest. I will endeavor to find homes for pieces not appropriate to my collection at local retrocomputing organizations.
Current as of: 12-Sep-2000


Dennis Boone
East Lansing, MI, USA (remove all p's)
Primary interests: Minicomputers, especially Prime and DEC gear, and workstations. Also S-100 and CP/M systems, Osbornes. Willing to rescue from lower Michigan, northern Indiana, Northern Ohio.
Current as of: 22-Feb-2005 (remove all x's)
I'm willing to save any Macs in Michigan's Lower Peninsula south of Lansing. I fix them up as donations or keep them for my own personal use. I very rarely sell them unless I have a great surplus and it's worth my while (generally only if the computer is worth $25 or more before shipping).
Current as of: 13-Mar-2000

David Gould
Kent City, MI (20mi from Grand Rapids)
(616)678-4927 (remove all b's)
Range: Anywhere a reasonable distance from Grand Rapids, MI and elsewhere in the West Michigan area; My range would be about 100 miles, but I'd be willing to make a trek if it was something interesting. Meeting halfway is fine.
Main area of interest: Mainly old computers (very interested in finding TRS-80s, looking for a PCjr) and certain peripherals (eg Epson MX-80, XT hard drives), old calculators, video games machine, and mechanical adding machines. No 80x86 clones (working genuine IBMs are, however, welcome, as are vintage mono monitors). Can find a way to get almost anything home.
Current as of: 11-Jun-1997

Roger "Merch" Merchberger
Kincheloe, MI (remove all k's)
Location: Michigan's Upper Peninsula, however, I'll issue a range of a 100 mile radius, which would put me anywhere east of Marquette, MI and north of Traverse City / Gaylord / Alpena and some parts of Ontario, Canada.
I may drive farther if I'm the only contact available, and if I have family/friends on or near there, which would include such cities as:
Most of the lower peninsula thumb area of Michigan (I have contacts there)
Bay City / Saginaw area,
Midland area,
Muskegon / Grand Haven area
and the Green Bay / Marinette Wisconsin area.
I have a family, so overnight service is *not* guaranteed, but I could get someplace within 2 weeks to a month.
Current as of: 11-Jun-1997

Nathan Silva
468 W. 20th Street
Holland, MI 49423
Phone: (616)393-6760
I'm interested in saving Apple Macintosh computers and peripherals, TRS-80/Tandy machines and peripherals, Atari machines and peripherals, Commodore machines and peripherals, vintage minicomputers like DEC PDPs and just about anything else vintage that is interesting.
I am available to pick up computers in the southern michigan area.
Current as of: 24-Dec-2003


Rob Bedeaux
Minneapolis, MN (remove all i's)
or (remove all g's)
I am located in Minneapolis, but am willing to cover southern Minnesota and western wisconsin.
Main area of interests: Micros (especially Apple II, III, Lisa, and Mac) and minis.
Current as of: 11-Jun-1997

Craig Lang
E-Mail: (remove all s's)
City: Minneapolis
Computers of interest: HP2000C, F, or most any of the Time-Shared BASIC minis, some Apple hardware, some 80286 PC compatible or older PC's, teletypewriters or other old terminals.
Storage: Limited, but I'll find room for big stuff thats interesting.
Area: For most stuff, I'll pick up around the Twin Cities metro area and a little further out -- for a working HP2000 TSB system, I'll consider anywhere in the continental United States and Canada.
Current as of: 15-Nov-2003

651-688-6087 (remove all k's)
Location: Minneapolis, MN
Willing to go 2+ hrs weekdays, 4+ hrs on weekends for mainframes, micros, etc. prefer any UNIX based systems, newer dec's, yadda yadda yadda. don't ask me to get an apple because I won't :) Also can ship quite cheaply so if you need something, let me know. I have family in northern MN so if things are needed from up north (doubtful) can cover there too.
Current as of: 22-Jul-1998


Nick Miller
Location: St. Charles, MO (just outside of St. Louis)
Phone Number: 636-447-3184
Email: (remove all b's)
I am interested in just about any Home, Hobbyist, Business or Engineering computer that is not an IBM compatible. I have about 300 computers in my collection and would like to grow the collection even more. I have a minivan and have been to Illinois, Iowa, Tennessee, Kansas and all through Missouri on rescue missions.
Current as of: 8-Feb-2004

James Smith Jr. (remove all w's) (nothing there, just basic stuff I put up while sick)
101 Bobby Dale Drive
Waynesville MO, 65583
I'll take anything, alive OR dead. I prefer early Apple, Amiga, and Acorn. ANYTHING can be used if not repaired.
All areas in the US, and maybe some outside, depends, are covered. I will pay for shipping.
I have plenty of space, fixing up a basement room for a workshop. The 4 computers in my room and stereo equipment take up enough space as it is :) I can't stand to see old machinery wasted, my Apple Lisa is still a great computer.
Current as of: 23-Jul-2000

Jay West
St. Louis, MO
(314) 494-7338 (cell) (remove all h's)
Main Area of Interest: HP2000 (TSB), HP1000, HP21MX, DEC PDP-8, PDP-11, and Data General Nova/Eclipse. Probably interested in any "mainstream brand" MINI's from late 60's to early 80's. I generally stay away from micros, except would love to find an Altair, IMSAI8080, or SWTP. Willing to help other collectors move/transport or store.
Current as of: 8-Feb-2004

J. Buck Caldwell
St. Louis, MO
(314) 481-6370 (remove all v's)
Main Area of Interest: VAXen of any flavor. BIG IRON. No Macs, PCs, or anything that you can hold in one hand.
Current as of: 22-Jul-1998

Jim Duchek (remove all v's)
I live in the St. Louis, Missouri area, and I'm interested in everything, mainly micros but I'd love to get my hands on something bigger. Even if it doesn't work, at _all_, that's even better.. Nothing better than playing with electronics :)
Current as of: 11-Jun-1997

Christophe Young (remove all y's)
(573) 264-3249
348 Wheeler Drive
Scott City,MO 63780-1110
All types of macintosh dead or alive along with external hardware and software.
S.E.MO., So.IL., N.E.AK., N.W.TN.
I try to rebuild old Macs in my spare time.
Current as of: 8-Feb-2002


Jim Brain
10710 Bruhn Avenue
Bennigton, NE 68007 (remove all q's)
Located nothwest of Omaha.
Primary Interest: Commodore. Specifically, B series, C900, 700 series, PETs, and C65.
Current as of: 11-Jun-1997

Cord Coslor
P.O. Box 308 - 1300 3rd St. Apt "M1"
Peru, NE
(402)872-3272 (remove all g's)
Area of Interest: Radio Shack/Tandy TRS-80 related systems and software, Commodore, Colour Genie, Apple, CoCo, MSX, etc., etc.
Located about an hour from both Omaha and Lincoln, Nebraska
Current as of: 11-Jun-1997

New Hampshire

Name: Tony Krch
Email: (remove all u's)
Address: Claremont, NH, USA
Phone: daytime 603.442.1723 evening 603.543.6786
I am interested in pretty much all kinds of computers, including x86 and peripherals. My special interests are DEC PDP, VAX and Alpha machines and parts, but will I consider giving/finding a good home for most anything, provided I can transport it and have someplace to put it.
Wanted badly: I am currently looking for a computer cabinet, something on the order of 5' to 7' tall, with shelves and a plexiglass front and metal sides/back in decent or at least repairable condition. That would be my ideal solution, but I'd love to hear about anything similar that might be available.
My area of coverage would be most of the state of New Hampshire, most of Vermont and Northern Massachussets. I am located in central New Hampshire, right on the Vermont border. I own a flatbed trailer and large pickup truck, so I can transport some fairly sizeable equipment. Please call or email if you have something interesting that I can save from the scrap heap. Have pickup, will travel ;)
Current as of: 18-Oct-2000

New Jersey

Chris Bartlett
I am interested primarily in anything by Apple Computer, or items for Apple items. For example (but not limited to), Newton, Pippen, Apple I,II,III (whatevers), Macintosh, Peripherals for any Apple items, software and manuals for apple items, or anything electronic by or related to Apple Computer. What I don't want are things like ad posters or show giveaways.
Outside of Apple items, I am much more selective... I am always open to being contacted, and make case by case decisions on non Apple related items.
I live in New Jersey, and am willing to travel anywhere in NJ, as well as eastern PA, Delaware, and the New York City/Tri-State metro area. I can arrange for use of a van or pickup truck, and in many cases can provide moving assistance, or short term storage for others.
Not everything I collect will remain in my custody. Better conditioned, more usable Mac's I tend to clean up, refurb, and pass along to those that can't afford a computer. I still welcome the donations of them, as it helps me bring more people into the world of computers.
I will be creating a section on my web site to share info on my items/interests. I don't have a specific URL yet, and won't until I revamp my site, but it will be available from
I (Chris) can be reached via email: (remove all x's)
Current as of: 15-Oct-2001

John Dilks
Egg Harbor Twp., NJ 08234-8501
Email address please: (remove all f's)
I have a "Baby" (See Aug. 76 BYTE), IMSAI and more.
Current as of: 21-Dec-2000

Ward Griffiths
Kearny, NJ
(201) 998-2574 (remove all q's)
Primary interests: Early Tandy equipment and various flavors of Unix systems. Plus just about anything with a Motorola processor that isn't a Macintosh.
Location:New Jersey, New York Metro area.
Current as of: 11-Jun-1997

New Mexico

Larry Smith
Albuquerque, NM (remove all r's)
cellular (505) 250-3073
Area of Interest: State of New Mexico. Have 4x4 SUV, bigger if needed.
Altair, IMSAI, SOL, NeXT, Lisa, TRS-80's, Mac's, Cromeco, Rainbows, AT&T, MicroVax, Sun, others. Have large storage area. Hardware, software, documentation, and manuals and peripherals.
Mailing Address:
Larry Smith
PO Box 1539
Tijeras, NM 87059-1539
Current as of: 27-Dec-1999

New York

David V. Corbin
Dynamic Concepts Development Corp
Sayville, New York
631-244-8487 (remove all h's)
My primary interest is DEC equipment especially PDP-8 and Teletype. I am also willing to act as a salvage point for other items that would be destined for scrap.
Current as of: 7-Feb-2004

Christian R. Fandt
email: (remove all w's)
No web page as of yet . . .
Phone: 1.716.488.1722
Location: Jamestown, NY, 14701 USA (farthest westward county in New York State, 50 miles east of Erie. PA; 80 miles south of Buffalo, just off Interstate 86 (the Southern Tier Expressway)
Main computer interests: Open to very many things but mostly mini- and mainframe machines and workstations: DEC VAXen and PDP's, Data General Novas, IBM, Hewlett Packard; VMEbus industrial computers -Motorola especially; Heathkit H8 and H11 computers; HP and TEK desktop computer/calculators. Early CP/M machines. I'd like to find any PERQ-related machines, literature and parts as I'm just 150 miles north of their hometown area of Pittsburgh, PA. ** Also not to forget *any* literature, tech documents, software, books, advertising, accessories, etc., etc. for any computing/calculating machine! [I collect very old radios, electronics and literature too! :) ] ** Smaller garden variety home-type/hobby computers like the Tandy/Radio Shacks, Ataris, Commodores, etc. may be taken too but would usually be passed on to others with such interest. Geographical area which can be covered: Several counties in Northwestern PA, several counties in Western New York. Figure up to 100 mile radius usually, more if something very desirable available for pickup.
Transport capabilities: '93 Jeep Cherokee (if my wife will let me use her vehicle that day ;), '98 Toyota Camry for smaller machines, items.
Storage capability: my side of the two-car garage. Another 2-car garage at lower rear end of our property in summertime only (the dry season) -if I get the darned place cleaned out someday (this is 26 Apr., '99). Maybe nooks and crannys inside the house if I can get it past the wife :)
Current as of: 26-Apr-1999

Richard Cini
Syosset, NY (remove all v's)
Collecting actifities focused in the Long Island/Westchester/So. CT area. My collection preferences are early micros and S100 stuff. Most of my collection is Apple, Commodore, and TRS80, with a little early IBM thrown in. My current "watch list" includes a Heath H8 or H11, maybe an ISIS-II development system, some PDP-11 fill-in stuff, and an IMSAI 8080.
Current as of: 23-Aug-1998

TJ Edmister (remove all r's)
Binghamton, New York USA
computers: Obsolete x86 PCs, 8-bit computers (Atari, C64, etc.), other 80s machines (ST, Amiga), 70s machines that aren't too large (I should be able to carry it)
depending on the goods I would be willing to go about a couple of hours in any direction
for storage I have one room and part of a basement at the moment
Current as of: 18-Jul-2000

David Garcea
P.O. Box 655
Bronx, NY 10465 (remove all i's)
I am a computer programmer and I have been saving computers from the trash and giving them good homes for a couple of years now.
I will consider rescuing any vintage computer in New York City or Westchester. I have to be able to carry it though. I will go out of my way for Apple computers.
Current as of: 28-Mar-2001

Andy Molloy
E-mail address: (remove all h's)
Web page URL:
Syracuse NY
Computers of interest: home computers, 8 bit, but I will try to rescue other types if possible
Geographical area covered: 50+ mile radius from Syracuse, NY
Transport and storage capabilities: regular car but U-Haul is always an option :) Storage is house for smaller systems. If I can't keep it I will try for temporary storage until we can find it a home.
Current as of: 8-Jun-2003

Bryan Nicalek
Wappingers Falls, NY (remove all t's)
Primary Interest: TI-99/4, TI-99/4A, related peripherals, and software.
I will pay for shipping on anything you have.
Current as of: 11-Jun-1997

Frank Peseckis
Old Chatham, New York
(About 25 miles southeast of Albany and 120 miles north of New York City, near the Massachusetts border) (remove all y's)
I'd be glad to "rescue" things from anywhere I usually look, i.e. New England, New York, New Jersey, and eastern Pennsylvania, in other words, within a drive of not more than about 3-4 hours. And for items people in other areas find but don't need, I'm quite willing to pay for packing and shipping from just about anywhere for systems or components I'm looking for.
Current as of: 11-Jun-1997

Name: Neil Phillips
Email: (remove all w's)
Phone: 718-205-1506
Location: New York City
Addr: On Request
Computers of Interest: PDP11 prefer 11/35 or 11/70
Geographical Loc Covered: Prefer within 10 hour drive but possible the whole east coast and eastern Canada for a complete system.
Transport: Minivan (without seats when transporting)
Current as of: 17-Nov-2005

Ken Schafer
Marcy, New York (remove all g's)
I can rescue anything in the upstate/central new york area (within 100 miles of Utica). Particularly interested in any Atari gear, IBM AS/400 stuff or DEC Vax and its ilk. Got a Nissan pickup that isn't too awful on gas!
Also a big ol' garage and basement to house the refugees.
Current as of: 23-Dec-2001

Lance Sprung
E-mail address: (remove all a's)
Web page URL:
Country, and state: USA, New York. Long Island
Interest: I am interested in early computing history as well as scientific and engineering Instruments, original and patent models, literature and illustrations prior to the 19th century. Also original letters of famous scientists. The first computer I learned programming on was a DIGIAC 3080. I am interested in purchasing early scientific equipment, advertising literature, electromechanical calculators, vintage computers (Imsai, Altair, TRS80, SOL, Digiac, Scelbi, SWTPC, PET, and many, many others) and associated literature. I prefer working examples, but please contact me with a description of what you have available. I'll pay shipping costs for items of interest or pick up from most areas in the eastern U.S.
Current as of: 23-Jul-2001

North Carolina

Blair Hanvey
email: (remove all p's)
phone# (828) 238-8272
603 21st Street SE
Hickory, NC 28602
I am interested in mainly old/classic Macintosh computers, I like to re-build these machines and give them to families that can't afford a computer, I am also assembling a small Mac lab so I will be able to teach people how to use computers and ease the fear of them but I have hit a major dry-spell. I have a good deal of storage space available (even though I have nothing in it) and I can arrange pick-up or shipping for just about anywhere in the state and beyond.
Current as of: 3-Jan-2001

SuperDave (David)
Raliegh, NC. (remove all h's)
I live in raleigh, nc so i can pretty much cover the middle of the state and points east. other areas and southern va may require special arrangements and planning.
My main interest is early micros including apples although I would be willing to pick up anything. i have a truck and utility trailer and plenty of house space so moving and storage is no problem.
Current as of: 11-Jun-1997

Matt Wilda
Location: Raleigh, NC
email: (remove all g's)
Web page:
Range: Anything in the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill area. My parents live in the Charlotte, NC area, so I could take anything there as well. I might be willing to pay shipping for anything really interesting and not too big.
Interests: Any interesting old computers from the 1970's or early 1980's. I mostly want early micros due to lack of storage space, but I will consider almost anything.
I don't want IBM clones with the following exceptions: Leading Edge Model D (my first computer) and the Commodore Colt. Genuine IBM's may be ok, if they're from the original PC series and I don't already have one.
Current as of: 23-Sep-2001


Davey Brain (remove all k's)
Computers of interest: 8 and 16-bit home computers from the late 70's and early 80's, especially odd home computers that did not see wide distribution; and associated parts, cartridges, cassettes, etc., especially want an NTSC MSX computer and Geneve 9640. Contact me with what you have!
Geographical area covered: Live in NE Ohio, will drive as far as Cleveland and Columbus areas, and statewide for especially nice computers, pay shipping for all areas
Transport and storage capabilities: Have a truck, can borrow a van, have a whole basement devoted to my collection
Current as of: 16-Mar-2002

Scott Brown
Lancaster, Ohio (30 miles southeast of Columbus)
(740) 654-7768 (remove all q's)
I'm mainly interested in SWTPc SS-50 Bus systems, including Gimix, Smoke Signal Broadcasting, Helix, etc.. Also, any tape reader / punch units, Blue Chip Enterprise Tape Edit Systems. Altair 8800, MOS Technology KIM-1, Heathkit H8 and their manuals and reference books. I'm also looking for software and manuals for any of these units. I will pick up computers and books within OH or pay shipping.
Current as of: 17-May-2002

Ethan Dicks, (remove all f's), Columbus, OH, USA
Please take the time to check out the info on
It's got my interests, etc. It is also a fair page to put up as my URL My regular (Antarctic) home page is
Current as of: 22-Jan-2002

Chris Riedl (remove all l's)
I'm interested in old Macintosh machines, including prototype, portable and Lisa equipment. I will gladly take machines that work, as well as ones with problems or ones that have missing parts. I will pay shipping costs, or will pick up as well. I'm also interested in any included software, or accessories for the old machines. Sun or SGI hardware is also of interest.
Current as of: 21-Sep-2000

Kevin Stewart
(513)575-0434 Fax (513)575-5697
Email (remove all x's) or (remove all d's)
Interested in everything, especially PDPs and Vaxen.
Current as of: 1-Oct-2000


Scott L. Baker
4450 NW Kahneeta Dr.
Portland, OR 97229
Phone: 503 645 0734
email: (remove all w's)
Computers of interest
Any small to medium sized mini-computer
e.g. DG Novas, or Eclipses, PDP8, PDP11 etc.
Geographical area covered
Northwest USA or Western Canada
Transport and storage capabilities
pickup truck
Current as of: 24-Jul-2001

Name: Rick Bensene
EMail: (remove all g's)
Web Page URL: The Old Calculator Web Museum
Location: USA - Oregon City, Oregon
Interests: Late electromechanical calculators (Friden, Monroe, SCM/Marchant, Diehl) 1955-1970 Early DESKTOP electronic calculators (1961-1979) with Nixie, CRT, Panaplex, Vacuum-Fluorescent display technology. Not interested in handhelds or adding machines.
See Web Site for details of Wanted items
Will pay all packing/shipping costs to ship machines of interest to my museum
Donations gladly accepted, machines exhibited in museum will be credited to donor.
Current as of: 28-Sep-2000

John Callicrate (remove all s's)
16230 Oakdale Rd.
Dallas, OR 97338
IBM 70-95
Montly travel in NW Oregon
I have 1/2T pickup, and small area in garage.
Current as of: 29-May-2001

lorraine kerwood (remove all b's)
860 willow avenue eugene, oregon
I also rescue computers.
I mostly have passed on macs of all ages, but pcs are fine.
I adopt computers, parts, manuals, software, peripherials, modems, scanners, printers, et al! Any part I truely can not use I send to an electronic salvager. Nothing wasted! No landfilling! Have room for large donations, none too small. I don't mix it up with the gov, so no non-profit status.
Driving for pick up is okay too, I go to Portland/Salem/Roseburg and surrounding areas. Am sometimes able to pay shipping.
Current as of: 13-Mar-2000

Seth Perry
The Computerseum
Portland, OR.
503-471-1564 (remove all z's)
Will give a good home to any adoptable computer hardware, software, peripherals, manuals, periodicals and documentation. Main interests are pre 1990 machines. Special soft spot for Altair, Apple (Lisa, Macintosh, Newton and IIIs), IMSAI, NeXT and Osbornes. Just give a call or email me with your information. Will gladly pay any shipping and handling. Thanks :-)
Current as of: 11-Jan-2002

Paul Pierce
Portland, OR (remove all u's)
Pierce Computer Collection
Range: Oregon, Washington
Interests: Mainframes, minis, workstations. I have a small pickup for medium dumpster raids and space to park a semi trailer or container or two temporarily if a rescue is large and really worth it.
Current as of: 11-Jun-1997

James Willing
The Computer Garage
P.O. Box 1983
Beaverton, OR. 97075-1983 (remove all f's)
The Computer Garage
Location: Oregon, Washington
Current as of: 11-Jun-1997


John Amirault
107 2nd Ave. 1st Floor
Susquehanna, Pa. USA
          18847-1432 (remove all k's)
IBM PCJr's are my main interest. East Coast of North America.
Current as of: 2-Apr-1999

Name : Seonho Choi
E-mail : (remove all z's)
Phone : 215-204-1331
FAX : 561-258-7689
State : PA, USA
Address : 333 North Ave. APT 18A Secane PA 19018
I am mostly interested in Apple/Mac and other vintage computers.
Coverage : Southeastern PA, West NJ, Northern DE
Will pick up in this area. Have some limited storage at home and in my office.
Current as of: 4-May-2000

Bill Dawson (remove all v's) (not set up yet, just moved to Jay West's servers 08-03-2000)
Pennsylvania, USA
300 Washington Trails, Washington, PA 15301
All personal/desktop computers 1975 to Present, CP/M machines, SWTPc, Microdata Minicomputers, terminals, monitors, printers, older (70's and 80's)devices using embedded microprocessors.
Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, Washington DC
Lots of storage. 4 separate locations.
Current as of: 3-Aug-2000

Erin Wargula (Fencil) (remove all b's)
Pittsburgh, PA
3568B Route 151
Aliquippa, PA 15001
Compies of Interest: Atari, Mac, C64/VIC, TRS-80, software, documents, homebrew '70s keyboards, also older PCs & printers which I give away to computer newbies
Northwestern PA (Erie, Pittsburgh)
Transport/storage: small car, plenty of storage
Current as of: 22-Aug-2002

Bill von Hagen (remove all b's)
Pennsylvania, USA
6738 Verona Road / Verona, PA 15147
Interest: Pretty much anything that can be moved by small number of humans
Area: New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC
Current storage: 1 spare house, 1600-sq foot "lab", 5 storage lockers, etc. (i.e., not an issue)
Current as of: 2-Apr-1999

Ken Goodwin
Erie, PA (remove all m's)
Location: Northwestern Pa., will pick up any functional or not unit with-in reasonable travel area.
Area of Interest: Age and condition unimportant.
Current as of: 11-Jun-1997

Tom Owad
York, PA (remove all u's)
Location: Southcentral PA., Willing to pick up. How far I'll go depends on how interesting the computer is.
Area of Interest: Anything other than IBM PC's and compatibles, especially Apples and DECs
Current as of: 28-Jun-2001

Alexander Pruss (remove all z's)
Pittsburgh, PA 15217
Computers of Interest: Mac, NeXT
Area: Pittsburgh
Current as of: 16-Nov-2000

Rhode Island

M. K. Peirce
Rhode Island Computer Museum, Inc.
215 Shady Lea Road,
North Kingstown, RI 02852 (remove all l's)
We are especially interested, but not exclusively, in Wang systems. Looking for 2200 series peripherals. Also interested in minis, word processors, other machines located in Connecticut-Rhode Island-Massachusetts.
Ron Fraser 1-508-366-4599
Jay Hackett 1-401-295-5737
R. Weasel 1-401-295-5785
Current as of: 28-Feb-1999


Kent Calvin
kcqalvin@chqartertn.neqt (remove all q's)
Bristol,TN (Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia)
Interested in personal computer,peripherals,manuals and software. Primarily of the 80's but open to interesting items of any period. I can pick up in an area determined by my interest in the item. I have good climate controlled storage.
Current as of: 14-Oct-2001

Richard A. Carvel
Email: (remove all q's)
Phone: 901-756-9357
Location: Memphis, TN (USA)
I'm interested in computers, peripherals, software, manuals, etc., for these platforms.
32 and 16-bit microcomputers: Amiga, Macintosh 68K
Early 68K-based workstations such as the Sun-2
8-bit microcomputers: MC6800 SBC's from 1975-77, AIM-65, Apple II, Apple III, Atari 8-bit (400, 800, 800XL)
Pre-microprocessor/Pre-LSI computers: DEC PDP-8/I, PDP-8/E, LAB-8/E, PDP-11/20, LAB-11, PDP-11/45
Current as of: 7-Jun-2001

Jeff Preischel (remove all y's)
Location: Memphis, TN area. That covers west Tennessee, North Mississippi and Eastern Arkansas. My interest in the stuff will determine how far I'll drive.
Interests: Mac, Mac, and, oh, did I mention Macintosh?
Current as of: 13-Mar-2000

Steve Rhoden
My Email is (remove all p's) or (remove all p's)
I live in the Nashville Tennessee, USA area
I will pick up most things of interest in the Nashville,Clarksville,Springfield areas (50 mi Radius or so)
Reusable equipment will be repaired and donated to a good home
Older "junk" will be added to my collection
Current as of: 19-Apr-2001

Name: Jim Webster
E-mail address: (remove all g's)
Location: Lafollette, Tennessee (USA)
Interests: 8088 XT computers and beyond. I did not get started into computers until later in life, so I'm way behind everyone else. Am mostly a tinkerer with computers and assembly language programming. What I am mostly interested in is device drivers, technical data (in .TXT or .PDF format), etc., for ANY old PC related peripheral. Have already started a good sized collection at The DriverZone.
Current as of: 18-Jul-1999

Jason Moore (remove all y's)
Nashville, TN
I will give your old computer equipment a good home! I am looking for hardware and software for Atari, Commodore, Texas Instruments and Timex Sinclair home computers from the late 1970s through the late 1980s. If you are within an hour drive from Nashville I will come pick it up.
Current as of: 30-Jun-1999

Brian L. Stuart (remove all l's)
Location: Memphis, TN area. That covers west Tennessee, North Mississippi and Eastern Arkansas. Depending on my schedule, I'm willing to go to about a 100 mile radius.
Interests: Early workstations, minis, select micros. It all depends on how interesting I find the design and whether or not I perceive an historical significance.
Current as of: 11-Jun-1997


David Fenyes
2423 Ellis #672
Dallas, TX 75204
(214) 969-6880
email: (remove all h's)
I'm in Dallas, TX, but could travel to Houston or Austin, and would be willing to pay shipping for computers not immediately in my or another's vicinity.
I'm interested in old 6502 Computers, especially Ohio Scientifc (OSI) computers and boards, in any condition, and AIM/KIM/SYM. I can fix broken machines.
Current as of: 16-Sep-2002

Cody Gray (remove all k's)
5925 Parkview Dr.
Corpus Christi, TX 78415
(361) 855-4003
Austin, Houston, Corpus Christi and Corpus Christi Surrounding Areas
I enjoy all old computers, as I have no particular interests, If I already have the computer you are giving me I will donate it to Goodwill, or a less fortanate family.
I have plenty of room to store these computers, I love old computers !!!
Current as of: 21-Jul-2000

John Keys
15827 Thistledew Drive
Houston, TX 77082
281-293-7919 (remove all d's)
I have been collecting since 1985 and have over 180 machines and tons of written materials. I collect all types of computers and computer related items (such as trade show giveaways). Will drive up to 5 hours from home or on weekends up to 10 hours.
Current as of: 8-Jun-2003

Bob Mason (remove all d's)
Lewisville, Tx
Heathkits, specifically H-89A's. LOOKING FOR A COPY OF HDOS3! Also Amiga's, and other NON IBM PC's.
northern DFW area
Current as of: 27-Mar-2001

Chris Nelson (remove all u's) (remove all h's)
Range: North Texas, DFW Area
Main Area of Interest: Early Data General AViiONs, Harris NightHawk, anything that uses the Motorola 88000 series microprocessors. Also wanted documentation and software. Will pay for shipping if location is remote.
Current as of: 30-Jan-2000

Ruben Reyes
Austin, Texas (remove all b's)
Range: Will travel to Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio (and areas in between) on weekends if other members of rescue squad are not avalible.
Area of Interest: any computuer related stuff 12 years or older, micros, minis, and workstations.
Key words: Lisa, I, III, Altair, IMSAI, KIM, AIM, S-100, CPM, and PET
Current as of: 2-Apr-1999

James Rice (remove all b's) (remove all p's)
1819 Bristol Ln
Rockwall, Texas 75032
Range: most of Texas, Oklahoma
Keywords, NeXT, Lisa, Mac, Macintosh, Tandy
Current as of: 8-Jun-2003

Owen Robertson
Fort Worth, Texas (remove all q's)
My main area of interest is minicomputers, especially DEC PDP-11s, and most PDP/VAX stuff in general, as well as other minicomputer manufacturers, such as Data General. I can pick up in the DFW area.
Current as of: 4-Jun-2002

Mark Tapley
8718 Drayton Heights
San Antonio, Texas (remove all j's)
phone (210)-522-6025 ofc (210)-543-9939 home
Interested in any very low-cost NeXT equipment
Current as of: 23-Jul-1998

Bob Withers
P.O. Box 864494
Plano, Tx 75086 (remove all q's)
Current as of: 11-Jun-1997

Johan A. van Zanten (remove all p's)
Location: Austin, TX, USA
Willing to go areas within about 2-3 hours drive of Austin.
Particularly interested in any Unix Machines or Apple computers. Willing to consider just about anything. (Dislike filling landfills with machines)
Limited cargo capacity in primary vehicle, but would arrange for larger vehicle for the right cargo.
Current as of: 15-Sep-2003


Ron Keller (remove all z's)
Will provide phone number as needed, just email me.
Salt Lake City, Utah
Will provide real address as needed, just email me.
I'm interested in obsolete/outdated Sun, DEC, Apple, Macintosh, and PC compatibles. Age of the computer isn't really a concern nor is condition, but I don't take non-functional monitors as I have no good disposal procedure for them and can't repair them. Computers are refurbished and either donated to a number of worthy institutions in the area as tested and working, occasionally sold on eBay or through the classifieds for their fair market value or below and once in ahwile kept by me for hobbie purposes. Most very old computers are donated once they are working. Components I can't get working are disposed of.
I can come to you for pickup anywhere between Provo and Ogden.
I can transport and store smaller loads of computers at a time (up to a 20 or so).
Current as of: 12-Apr-2002


Jeff Hellige
Virginia area (southern Maryland, eastern Virginia, northeast North Carolina). (remove all z's)
Current as of: 11-Jun-1997

Craig Landrum (remove all j's)
work phone: (540) 675-3015 x 229
home phone: (540) 987-9549
Virginia, USA
I am interested primarily in early S100 and multibus 8080 and Z-80 based computers, including IMSAI 8080 and Altair. Also very interested in early firmware development systems such as the Genrad Futuredata 2300. I'll travel anywhere in VA, DC, and Maryland and will pay real money for unique or rare systems.
Current as of: 18-Oct-2001

Steve Thatcher
Email: (remove all f's)
phone: 540-368-5170
State: Virginia
Address: Steve Thatcher
      703 Excaliber Cir; #302
      Fredericksburg, VA 22406
Interest: Northstar Hozizon, Heathkit H89, Intel Development Systems
Area: Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, D.C.
Transportation: station wagon
Storage: a room for display
Current as of: 8-Jun-2003


O. Sharp (remove all g's)
Seattle, Washington - 206-784-2469
I'm looking for older Digital Equipment Corporation computers and equipment, working or nonworking, for restoration. Any DEC machines prior to the VAX era would be welcomed and provided with a good home, space permitting. I'm particularly looking for a PDP-12, a machine I've long wanted to restore, and will travel as far as necessary to recover one. Feel free to e-mail me, or give me a call, if you have one!
Current as of: 2-Oct-2003

Ray Stricklin
Edmonds, WA
Phone: (206)423-1147 (remove all x's)
Primary interest is in older home and business micros, and workstation-class machines. Will rescue almost anything in the greater Seattle/Tacoma area, will travel to eastern Washington, northwestern Oregon, or southern BC for items of particular interest. Note that some things other people might find perfectly dull I might find completely fascinating.
Current as of: 23-Jul-1998

Bill Whitson
Western Area, WA (remove all m's)
Classic Computer ListOp
I will pick up and find a home for almost any computer equipment in the Greater Puget Sound area. On certain occasions or for more uncommon equipment will travel to Eastern Washington or to Southern British Columbia, Canada.
Current as of: 11-Jun-1997


Joe Bauschek (remove all q's)
Milwaukee, WI USA
Mostly I am interseted in "Cool" Older micros. These might include SGI Indigo, SGI IRIS, SGI CRIMSON boxes, Amiga 500, 1200, 3000 and SUN boxes running Solaris. I can pick up in Metro Milwaukee, Chicago and Madison areas and will. I can also pay shipping on your select scrap.
Current as of: 13-Feb-2001

John Foust (remove all k's)
(920) 674-5200
USA, Jefferson, Wisconsin
235 South Main St
Jefferson, WI 53549
Willing to pick up almost anything, especially non-IBM PC, DEC, early microcomputers. Willing to travel up to several hours away. Trailer available.
Current as of: 10-Apr-1999

Ron Kneusel
Milwaukee and Waukesha counties (remove all v's)
Interests: I'd look at just about anything that wasn't a PC of some kind (dime a dozen and have enough already)
Current as of: 11-Jun-1997

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