About the Classic Computer Rescue Squad

This is a list of people that are dedicated to preserving classic computers. We are willing to pick up (rescue) classic computers in the areas listed. Many times we see computers that are going to be headed for the dump unless someone can pick it up. A lot of times the owners do not want to mess with shipping, and will only give them away, or let the trashman haul them off. We are dedicated to preventing this unfortunate fate. This list was started with the intention of preserving these classics, even if that means just picking them up and storing them temporarily until shipping can be arranged to someone with the space and knowledge to put them to good use. This means that we will pick up any machine feasible and hang on to it until an interested user can be found.

Please do not throw away your old computers thinking they are junk. There is a group of collectors waiting to gather these old machines and put them to good use. It's our hobby and passion. Many of us grew up with these machines, and probably started our careers with these "junky" old computers. I for one started with an Radio Shack Color Computer, which I still use today. It only has 64K, but I still find it useful and fun. Everyone on this list has the same feelings about classic computers, and would like to see these machines preserved.

If you have an old computer to get rid of, please look through this list and if anyone is close, please contact them. We will be more than happy to arrange for pickup and more importantly, make sure they get a good home. We are not in this for profit, once again for all of us it is a hobby and a passion.

On the same note, we are also interested in any documentation for our classic machines. That old book or schematics you are going to throw away, might just hold the key that some of us are looking for. This is just as important as saving the machines themselves. If you have any documentation and are wanting to get rid of it, contact someone on this list.

For a good idea of what kind of classics some of us have, check out Jim's Computer Garage