CCRS entry suggestions

Executive Summary: the purpose is to allow people to find you when they have something you are interested in. So mention your interests, and include some contact info and your geographic location.

Suggested info to include:

Note that none of these are required; they are just ideas. There are perfectly good reasons not to include your home address, for instance. You are welcome to include other info, but for now I will not in-line any images or allow any monstrously-huge entries.

If you are in the USA, make sure to tell me what state; Canadians should tell me their province; anyone else should tell me what country. (If the number of entries in any other country becomes large enough, I will consider breaking them down into regions, as I have already done for the USA and Canada).

If you provide one, your e-mail address will be automatically mangled as an anti-spam measure. The mangling isn't unbreakable, but should discourage the less ambitious cretins. Since this happens automatically, you can just give me the real address. If you have a preferred way of mangling your e-mail address, you are welcome to give me that instead. And if you have ideas for a better mangling, let me know that too. I'd like something that is both really hard for a machine to break, and really easy for people to.

Also, since some people prefer not to include an e-mail address, you have to include it in your entry if you want it to show. If you leave it out, so will I (I will not take it from the heading of your e-mail message). The same goes for your name!

I will automatically update the "Current as of" date each time I adjust your entry, so you needn't specify that.

Finally, please avoid any formatting any fancier than just ending lines in the right places. Ideally, just give a few data items at the beginning (like name, e-mail address, and such), followed by a few sentences describing your interests and so on. Especially try to avoid lining things up in columns, or anything that would leave a blank line in the middle of your entry. I've already got a few entries that needed preformatted text to look right, but those depend on the assumption that the reader's viewer is wide enough.

Bill Yakowenko,,     28-Feb-1999