MMD-2 notes

I just got word (thanks Shawn!) that an electronics shop in California has MMD-2 boards, stripped of some parts, available for something like $10 or $15 each. I haven't seen them myself, so I can't vouch for them in any way. If you are interested, contact Haltek Electronics:

        Haltek Electronics
        1062 Linda Vista Ave.
        Mountain View, CA
        phone: (650) 969-0510

Please let me know when this info is no longer accurate, so I can remove it.

Keypad layout. Of course, this is not at all exciting if you already own one...

Hey! E&L Instruments is still alive, and on the web! Here's the URL:

Sample programs!
The beginning of a short discussion about the MMD-1. (Not the same thing, I know, but related.)
Assembly listing of the ROM from the MMD-1. Also the beginning of another thread about the MMD-1 and 8080.

Memory map:
DIP switches:
AUX functions:
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