BINENTRY input data for CSAVEB.

Note that the first five characters on each line are just the prompt from the program; you enter just the string of 18 digits after that. If you want just exactly the data that you enter, you can get it here.

ADDR 300030E73000000089
3000 2012201699091210D5
3008 3043534156454220FE
3010 56302e378e4000bf8B
3018 31021a506f8d00c6A5
3020 8630b705fd308d00D9
3028 acbf007ecc000ffd45
3030 007cad9fa00cad9f47
3038 a0088d65be3102afCE
3040 8d00a1fc3100a38d7E
3048 009a233c4d2702c6D5
3050 ff8601fd007cae8dD1
3058 008a108e320010bfE3
3060 007eb7ffdfa680a72D
3068 a05a26f9af8c75b78E
3070 ffde8d08ad9fa008A9
3078 8d2720c78edbba3022
3080 1f26fcad9fa00c399F
3088 ccff00fd007c8dec55
3090 ad9fa0088d0bb6ffD2
3098 2184f7b7ff211cafD6
30A0 396c8c42a68c3f6fC2
30A8 8c3d8e05fdc6648d06
30B0 09c60a8d05c6018d58
30B8 0139e77fc6ff5ca0B7
30C0 7f24fbab7f5d2605C9
30C8 6d8c1c2707cb30e7F5
30D0 80e78c133946494c01
30D8 454e414d4500ffffB8
30E0 00000000000000001D