BINENTRY input data for S19.

Note that the first five characters on each line are just the prompt from the program; you enter just the string of 18 digits after that. If you want just exactly the data that you enter, you can get it here.

ADDR 300030573000000019
3000 10bf30588e400010CC
3008 8e4000ec84108353DE
3010 312627ec028d28c022
3018 03f730573008ec81DE
3020 8d1de7a07a305726AD
3028 f530028c5000240aD5
3030 a680812025f5301fD7
3038 20d110be3058398dFB
3040 0d34041f898d075830
3048 585858eae039c13905
3050 2302c007c40f390013