TM Preliminary man page

TM - test memory

Loads starting at address $3000, starts execution at address $344D?

Initially designed to check the success of 64K upgrades of Color Computers 1 and 2.

Writes patterns to memory, 4K at a time, and checks the result as it goes. Reports errors on a graphical screen map showing which bits failed in which 4K pages; as well as on a list of the most recent errors, showing the exact address, data written, and data read back. Current test patterns include all ones, all zeros, alternating pairs, and rotating bits.

Detects address wraps, which occur if the CoCo is configured for less than 64K (accesses to some address actually get wrapped back to hit memory location $0000). Such wrapped addresses are drawn as "X"s on the display.

Tests all of memory; the program relocates itself prior to testing the region in which it resides. If not currently at $0000, it relocates to there; if at $0000, it relocates to $1000.

BUGS, 2-Apr-96