Pysanky - patterns

My patterns are mostly imitated from books. It is unusual for me to copy a pattern exactly, both because of little mistakes and because there are always some little things that I want to change. Still, most of my patterns are mostly the same as some other pysanky that I have seen.

There is a series of three books called "Ukrainian Easter Egg Design Book" by Perchyshyn, Luciow, and Kmit. Of those, I really only like the first book; the patterns in that remind me most strongly of my grandmother's pysanky. Each of those books has detailed instructions for something like ten pysanky.

Two other books that have lots of nice pictures to imitate are "Pysanky: Icon of the Universe" and "Eggs beautiful: how to make Ukrainian Easter eggs".

Most books on pysanky have at least some good pictures. So just about any library should be a good starting point. That way, you can browse the books for free before investing money.

Bill Yakowenko,,       20-Jan-99