SwTPCAbout this page...

To help you find your way around, I've included a What's New? page and a Road Map page.

Eventually, I also hope to have lots of docs online; tech manuals, OS info, maybe even programs and/or an emulator.

I also hope to have color scans of the catalog, and to have all of the computer-related stuff from that catalog on-line. (They also sold assorted analog kits, such as amplifiers, but I have no plans to put up any of that stuff.)

If you have info to share on any of this stuff, kindly send it along so I can put it on-line. (But note that for now, I am still being cautious about copyright violations and space constraints.) And if you know of a SWTPC 6800 system for sale, or CT-64 terminal, or Smoke Signal Broadcasting floppy disk drives, by all means, point me to it!

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