The CT-64 is a stand alone terminal system for use with resident, or remote computer applications. Its output is a standard eight-bit ASCII code in serial format. The interface is RS-232. The display format is sixty-four characters per line, sixteen lines per page. Provisions are made for two pages of display (memory provided for only one). The display may be used either in page mode, or scrolling mode.

The full 128 ASCII character set is available. Both upper and lower case characters can be displayed plus control character printing if desired. Characters are formed by a 7 x 12 dot matrix to provide well formed letters and extender tails on lower case letters "g,j,p,q & y.

Full 32 character control decoding is provided. The function of each control character is individually programmed with a jumper on the circuit board, with the exception of ASCII standard backspace, horizontal tab, line feed, vertical tab and carriage return which are prewired. All cursor functions and other special features can be controlled through software by the use of control characters.

The video signal generated by the CT-64 is available as either composite video, or separate video and sync. The video signal is phase locked to the local line frequency for flicker free display. The circuit is jumper programmed for either 110 Volt 60 Hz, or 220 Volt 50Hz, line frequency.

The serial output of the terminal may be at 110, 150, 300, 600, or 1200 baud, switch selectible. Data may be transmitted full duplex, or half duplex. This is controlled by a "Echo Off" keyswitch on the keyboard. The output is RS-232 compatible and will connect directly to most computers and modems. A 16X clock signal is available for operation with cassette interfaces such as our AC-30.

The CT-64 is supplied complete with cover, chassis, keyboard and power supply as shown (less monitor). Power supply is 110/220 Volt 50-60 cycle. The size is 13 x 21 x 5.

CT-64 Terminal Kit. . . . . .$325.00 PPd in U.S.
Shipping Weight. . . . . . . . . . . . . 23 lbs.

49K jpeg black+white image of a SwTPC CT-64 with a CT-VM