The CT-VM is a data terminal monitor with a nine-inch diagonal measurement screen and a P-31 green phosphor. Video response is 3db from 10 Hz to 12 MHz. Scan linearity is +-5% both horizontal and vertical. Resolution is 800 lines in the center of the screen and 600 lines at the corners. Power requirement is 12.0 Volts DC at 1.25 Amps maximum. Although the CT-64 may be used with any video monitor, or modified TV set having a video input connection we recommend use of the CT-VM. It will provide a much sharper, crisper and easy to read display.

CT-VM Assembled . . . . . . .$175.00 PPd in U.S.
Shipping Weight. . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 lbs.

49K jpeg black+white image of a SwTPC CT-64 with a CT-VM