The SwTPC multi-user system converts our standard 6800 single user computer into a multi-user time share system that may be operated with up to four terminals. The four terminals operate independently and may be running four different programs.

No modifications to the computer are necessary, you simply plug in the multi-user board and add an interface for each additional terminal.

The multi-user system is ideal for program training, multi-station business applications and for computer aided instruction (CAI). Speed reduction from a single user system is negligible because all switching is done in hardware.

Multi-user BASIC, suitable for program instruction and simple business applications, is included with the multi-user board.

For computer aided instruction applications, a full feature version of PILOT is available. It includes math operators, misspelling match features and all other proposed for the ANSII standard version. The 6800 multi-user system is just as economical, but far more flexible and powerful than multiple small machines for CAI applications.

MU-68 Multi-User Board and BASIC software
Assembled and Tested. . . . .$150.00 PPd in U.S.
Kit . . . . . . . . . . . . .$129.95 PPd in U.S.