SwTPcCDS-1 Disk Unit

CDS-1 Disk Unit Important Notes

Before you install the MP-HD controller board in your computer system check to make sure the large heatsink is not contacting any nearby components. Also, be sure that none of the leads on the regulator atttached to the heatsink are broken.

Early versions of FLEX do not have drivers to operate the CDS-1 disk unit. The 8" diskette shipped with your system does not have the required CDS-1 software. There are two versions of this software. FLEX9S.SYS version 2.5 will operate on SWTPC 6809 S/09 Systems. FLEX9.SYS version 2.4 will operate on SWTPC 6809 /09 systems. The two are not interchangable. Check the label on the supplied diskette and be sure you have the correct software.

The MP-HD controller board must be modified for use in SWTPC 6809 /09 (not S/09) computer systems. Orient the board so you are looking at the bottom side with the 50-pin connector row toward you. Cut the lines going to the four rightmost pins on the 50-pin connector, right at the connector. This modification prevents the MP-HD board from outputting extended address data onto /09 system baud rate clock lines.

This CDS-1 disk system has been designed for SWTPC 6809 computer systems. It is not compatible with the earlier SWTPC 6800 Computer System.

The CDS-1 disk unit is unformatted when you recieve it. It must be formatted using the C$MAT program contained on the supplied diskette before any data can be written to or read from the CDS-1 disk unit.

The CDS-1 disk system should be operated in an ambient environment between 50F to 90F. Allow the unit to stabilize for a minimum of two hours within this temperature range before using.

In step 5 on page 5 of this instruction set you are instructed to confirm that certain modifications have been made to your MP-09 (not MP-09A) processor board. These modifications are illustrated on the following page of this sheet.


The C4MAT command is used to format the CalComp Marksman hard disk. It performs a surface verification and format function similar to the NEWDISK utility.

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The UCAL command is used to enable access to a CalComp Marksman CDS-1 fixed disk unit attached to a 6809 computer system running FLEX9 (Not FLEX9S which includes the CDS-1 drivers) having two 8-inch DMAF drives or two 5-inch MF-68 drives.

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Assembly Instructions - CDS-1 Disk Unit

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Unpacking Instructions

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Connecting the CDS-1 to the Computer

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Operating Instructions

The CDS-1 disk unit is a sealed Winchester technology disk unit with a capacity of over 60,000 sectors when formatted. The unit has three operator controls: a Power switch on the read panel (with associated power light on the front panel), a write protect light and button on the front panel, and a select light and button, also on the front panel.

When powering up a computer system with the CDS-1 attached, the power to the disk unit should be applied prior to powering up the computer. Once power is applied to the CDS-1, the select button will control whether or not the disk is online, and will illuminate when the unit is online and ready. The write protect button will prevent any program from writing on the disk when it is illuminated. Both the select and write protect buttons are push-on, push-off switches.

Once the CDS-1 unit is online and ready, it may be referred to as drive #2 of the computer system. This implies that only two DMAF disk drives may be attached to a computer using a CDS-1 unit.

When powering down the system, it is recommended that the write protect button be pressed, followed by the select button to spin down the drives. Once the drive has stopped, power may be removed.

Operator Performed Maintenance

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In Case of Problems

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Factory Exchange Service Plan

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Exchange Charges - CDS-1 Disk Unit

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Parts List - ARK-P1 Power Supply

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